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Photos That Are Truly Fascinating (50 pics)

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This ridiculously overpriced PS4 at Aarons…”everyday low price” of $1450 + taxes!

President of Turkey’s New $350 Million Palace (article)

The total structure is almost 2,150,000 ft2, or 200,000 m2, and comprised of 1,000 rooms

A clever way to show how ancient ruins looked like

Not hard to tell where the rich live vs. where the poor live

The 20 mm round that fires out of an M61A1, the gun in the nose of an F/A-18 fighter jet.

The view from a $95 million apartment

The Rock Looking Tiny Next To  7ft9 Sun Mingming

Yearbook photos of rock and heavy metal icons

Millions of tires on fire

Aerial view of a tire scrapyard

So this is what Mecca is supposed to look like in 50 years

Russia’s Toughest Prison uses Caucasian Mountain Shepard As Guard Dogs…They Weigh Up To 200lbs and Stand 6ft Tall And Said To Have The Stopping Power Of A .45 Caliber Gun

School in Afghanistan

Inside Of A Hand Grenade

World’s Fastest Production Car: Hennessey Venom GT Engine (1244 bhp @ 6600 rpm 0-60mph 2.7 Seconds)

Graphene aerogel is the lightest solid material created

Wreck of the Swedish warship Mars, which exploded during the first battle of Öland. Pretty well preserved for 500 years underwater (Baltic Sea)

It was the largest and fiercest warship in the world, named the Mars for the Roman god of war, but it went up in a ball of flames in a brutal naval battle in 1564, consigning 800 to 900 Swedish and German sailors and a fortune in gold and silver coins to the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Now, a few years after the ship’s discovery, researchers have concluded that the one-of-a-kind ship is also the best preserved ship of its kind, representing the first generation of Europe’s big, three-masted warships.

A Ball of Mackerel

North America Compared To The Size Of Jupiter

Inside of Budzludja, a communist monument abandoned at the top of a mountain in Bulgaria.

World’s largest helicopter- Mil Mi-26

Ken Block’s new ‘Hoonicorn’ a 1965 Ford Mustang Notchback built by RTR- 845whp/720lb.ft…Pure Insanity

“The car was heavily modified by RTR and ASD Motorsports to feature a 410 cubic inch Roush Yates V8, with 845 hp, mated to a one-off Sadev all-wheel drive system.”

Internal Steel Layers of a Katana

This is a statue in Berlin called “Politicians discussing Global Warming.”

In Japan they have gourmet Kit Kat shops

The ‘American Food’ section at UK supermarket

The impressive results when in the 1980’s the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling was cleaned and restored to remove centuries of grime, dirt and grease

Even His Scalp Has Muscles!

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