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A List of Stuff That Is Way Better Than Oprah’s Favorite Things (72 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Picdumps   13 Nov 2014   / 8644 views

Every year Oprah releases a list of her favourite things but it’s always a bit ridiculous. Here is a list of some really cool stuff you can actually use instead.


A Danny Devito stamp: $25

A little chair for a squirrel: $11.95

A Nicolas Cage pillowcase: $10.95

Three mini key chain–sized bottles of Sriracha: $15

A personalized video of a guy riding a bull and dancing to “Gangnam Style”: $5

A personalized video of this guy rubbing ketchup and mustard on his fat belly and singing “Happy Birthday” in his underwear: $5

A grappling hook: $17.58

An itty-bitty sad Keanu: $24.95

A blowgun with darts: $13.95

A portable Altoids speaker: $30

A paper towel holder with four USB ports: $49.95

A video of a Brit fellow singing “Happy Birthday” to you in a thong: $5

Tissues that look like $100 bills: $4.50

A tie with a hidden flask: $24.99

Salt made from human tears: ~$52

An Oreo dipping spoon: $3.99

A Nintendo controller charging station: $32

A pillow shaped like an arm: $28.85

A shotgun that shoots salt water at flies, killing them instantly: $39.95

A goatee-shaving guide: $19.99

Handles that let you carry all of your groceries in at once: $9.99

A Ben & Jerry’s pint lock: $24.99

A shit list: $9.99

This fine art photograph of a Chihuahua on a chair wrapped in a blanket: $20

A shot spinner: $8.65

A bowl with feet: $28

A self-stirring mug: $4.95

A pizza cone maker: $21.99

A Saint Ryan Gosling prayer candle: $9.99

A video of a rapping puppet that will deliver any message to you: $5

Pencils that say “Even artichokes have hearts”: $4.00

Authentic Roswell UFO Crash Site Soil: $12.95

Swedish Fish soap: $6

A tiny crown pin: $10

A bag of dicks: $17

This Lego clock: $32.55

Teeth for your dog: $14.99

A message from hell: $5

A sloth climbing the Empire State Building shower curtain: $39.99

The “Pouring Made E-Z” pan attachment: $5.50

A speech from a person who will sexily motivate and threaten you with weapons: $5

A thing that turns your bathtub into a waterfall: $12.75

A video of a guy who will say anything you want while ironing in an HD video: $5

A rainbow night-light for your room: $47

A pouring guide: $54

A campfire panini maker: $25.99

A remote control snack holder: $54.99

Little dots that help you find things with your iPhone: $52.99

Edible gold spray paint: $12.99

Lazy glasses: $15

Lego men ice tray: $11.79

A fondue mug: $15

A fork that vibrates when you overeat: ~$50

A smartphone projector: $27

A person who will cast a spell for you: $5

A person who will be your girlfriend on Facebook for one week: $5

A guy who will do your math homework: $5

A person who will write your wedding vows for you: $5

The Veggetti (it turns any vegetable into spaghetti): $14.95

A remote control TV wand: $89.98

A horse-head squirrel feeder: $15

A pillow with a built-in speaker: $28.49

A shark with a frickin’ laser beam: $20.59

Peanut butter maker: $79.18

An emotional Drake necklace: $10

Scented duct tape: $7.40

A leaning bookend: $12.82

A money-eating face bank: $14.95

A zamboni desk vacuum: $14.94

A hamper shaped like a laundry machine: $27.99

A Britney Spears throw pillow: $17.84

A big ol’ digeridoo: $29.99

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