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Car Dealership Jerks Treat Pizza Delivery Guy like Shit, It Backfires Spectacularly (VIDEO)

Posted in Videos » WTF   15 Jan 2015   / 11726 views

I quote: "This office full of assholes ordered $42 (and change) worth of pizza and soda. They gave the delivery guy two $20 bills and two $5 bills. They intentionally didn't respond to him and ignored him when he asked them if they needed change so he left under the reasonable assumption that they gave him approximately a $7 tip on a $42 and change bill.

The assholes then called back the manager to have the delivery guy drive back and give them exact change. They then complained to management that he was abusive to them after the driver left the 2nd time to give them the change.

Video speaks for itself pertaining to their dumbshit reactions. Why the hell would you hand the driver an extra $5 bill if you're just going to ask for him to hand it right back? The kicker of it all is that the idiots in the office were also the ones that posted the video to YouTube themselves and titled it "Enraged Jerk Pizza Delivery Guy". They did this to themselves!

Needless to say the interwebs got a hold of it before they made it private and now the damage is done. They did drive over there later to apologize to the pizza place in person but obviously only because of the horrible press."

Check out their ranking now on Yelp, it's catastrophic to say the least. It wasn't going great on their Facebook page so they simply closed it. Too bad for them, they can't do the same on Yelp.

People have launched a GoFundMe page so that everyone can tip the guy.

Anyway, that's what you get for being an asshole!

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channax 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
and ? ? ?
klunkr 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Ewww, what disgusting people. It's funny he tells the pizza guy they have him on camera when the only thing on the tape is the entire office teaming on this poor pizza guy... nice footage. That little skank in there should of never of said one thing. She made the problem so much worse. As far as that chubby fella in the chair; I have never heard the F-word so many times in a row in a work place ever. I can't believe this is a real business (probably not for long).
gigantes 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
sweet, sweet justice. :)