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A Few Interesting Photos from History (27 pics)

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Halftime at the very first Super Bowl – Len Dawson, Kansas City Chiefs QB – 1967

Gilbert’s Surgical Amphitheater, Medical Class and Staff, 1910

Jackie Kennedy kisses the casket of JFK in the Capitol rotunda. Nov. 24, 1963

“Equipment carried by a parachutist radio operator”, ca.1940’s

Secret Service agents walk on both sides of President Theodore Roosevelt’s carriage during his inauguration on March 4, 1905. He was the first President to be provided Secret Service Protection

During the 1900’s indigenous people were brought in to be put on display at entertainment venues

Construction of the Berlin wall, 1961

A young girl who had just escaped from East Germany

This is how it was done in Montana 1901

"French soldier walking in a trench in devastated terrain of the Somme.", 1916

Mahatma Gandhi’s worldly possessions. ca 1948

Cheyenne woman (Oklahoma – c. 1890-1904)

Navajo medicine man (Southwest U.S. – 1904)

Zeppelin over The Pyramids (1931)

WWII — B-17 bomber under construction (Seattle, Washington – Dec 1942)

Ancient Roman ruins of the Temple of Jupiter (Baalbeck, Lebanon c. 1870-1885)

The 140-kiloton Chagan nuclear test, Soviet Union, 1965

Hiroshima’s" Little Boy" – 13-18-kiloton, Nagasaki’s "Fat Man" 20-22-kiloton

Paula Hitler, younger sister of Adolf, arrested and interrogated by US intelligence officers. Germany. July 12, 1945

A young bodybuilder enjoys Oktoberfest with a friend in 1967, Munich, West Germany

A Ringling Brothers Circus elephant walks out of a train car as young children watch in the Bronx railroad yard in New York City, April 1, 1963

1940. The 7.Panzer-Division in France

The Hindenburg above New York City- May 6, 1937

Training activist not to react to provocation, Civil strike, Core group, Virginia, 1960 by Eve Arnold

Shipwrecked survivors of HMAS Armidale clinging to a raft and waving at a Catalina flying boat. Unable to land on violent waters, the survivors were not seen again after this photograph was taken. Coast of East Timor, December 8, 1942

Ty Cobb "sliding" into home – 1920

Slave Cells (Alexandria, Virginia c. 1865)

Photograph shows interior view of a slave pen, showing the doors of cells where the slaves were held before being sold. Building address: 1315 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA.

A woman disguised as a war refugee is exposed as a Gestapo Informer. Dessau, Germany, 1945

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