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People Who Don’t Let a Little Thing Like Life Get Them Down (24 pics + 2 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   16 Feb 2015   / 8826 views

This person who knows that a broken screen is a small price to pay for a visit from Iron Man

This person who doesn't understand what all the panic is about

This epic paralympian with an even more epic sense of humor

This girl whose webbed toes were perfect for a tattoo

This guy who's a big fan of Scar Wars

This skiier who has been dreaming of a snowstorm like this

This pickup artist

This patient who has found a whole new crutch to lean on

This person who likes to chill their alcohol naturally

This skater who is all about earthquake damage

These boarders who know an opportunity when they see one

These travelers who got stuck in traffic on the way to Woodstock

This broke college student with the most expensive Christmas tree ever

This person who's taking a different kind of shot

These New Jersey residents who brought a smile to everyone's face after Hurricane Sandy

This amputee who can still strike fear in your heart

And this one who preferred a friendlier design

This car that moves for no man

This man who would get my money any day

Whoever made this port-o-potty super appealing

This guy who almost makes you want a huge dent in your car. Almost.

This person with a broken finger, but not a broken spirit

This guy who is enjoying the single life just fine, thanks.

This guy who just wants you to take advantage of the time we have left

This sprinter-turned-dancer

This dog who turned the cone of shame into the cone of snacks

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