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Frank Pics of Wrestlers in Real Life (44 pics)

Posted in Celebs       6 Mar 2015       11107      

Paul Bearer, Undertaker, Sean Waltman / X-Pac, Bret Hart, and Tatanka

Andre and a young Stephanie McMahon

A young Undertaker shooting some hoops.

A young Charlotte with father Ric Flair.

A young Paul Bearer.

A young Emma getting an autograph from Goldust.

A young AJ lee meets Lita

Every guy winds up holding his girlfriend’s bags while she shops.

A young Brock

ECW Alumni. The ones I can name, Spike Dudley, (???), Stevie Richards, D-Von Dudley, Justin Credible, Lance “old man” Storm, Blue Meanie, Bubba Ray Dudley, Nunzio/Little Guido, Terry Funk, Beullah McGuillicuty, Tommy Dreamer.

Stone Cold with a young CM Punk

Scott Hall and Shawn “Sean” Michaels.

Vince and Shane McMahon with former wrestler, and one of my favourites, Hayabusa.

Shawn Michaels and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin chilling together.

JBL and Bubba Ray in front of Rount Rushmore.

JBL getting hugged by Brock Lesnar. According to the comic sans, it was in Helsinki.

John Cena having tea time

Taken sometime in the late 90s. Unknown date. Nitro and Raw were having a show in the same city.

After Wrestlemania XX

Bret, Vince, and Hogan backstage. Unknown date

Ricky and a young Jericho

Savage and Warrior before their Wrestlemania 7 match

The Harts and Run DMC

The Hardys and Lita

A fan gets her picture taken with a group of future Hall of Famers and Legends… and Marc Mero.

Partying it up!

Matt Hardy, Christian, and Jeff Hardy.

Formal dinner wear undertaker

Kevin Nash sitting on Mengs lap.

Kevin Nash and Shawn Michaels.

Owen Hart’s funeral

You’ve seen this pic a million times, and it always makes these lists, but here it is again. The Rock and Mankind playing on the n64. I’m almost certain them 2 were playing No Mercy, and if not, then Wrestlemania 2000.

CM Punk, a woman I can’t quite make out, Matt Sydal, AJ Styles, and Daniel Bryan chilling outside a Cracker Barrel. No Cracker Barrels around here in Canada, but I’m told it’s a Cracker Barrel.

Matt and Jeff Hardy in the front, with Al Snow, Scotty 2 Hotty, Mick Foley and Edge in the back of a roller coaster.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins taking a pic with this little Batman fan. Notice they were trying to eat, yet Seth looks like he doesn’t fully mind. Dean though…

Undertaker and his daughter

Sheamus, CM Punk, Ted Dibiase, and Daniel Bryan with a short elfman. Punks face tells it all.

Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes. These were the average bodies on wrestlers back then. *shudders*

Remember that other picture of Rock and Mankind playing the n64 that always gets posted? Here we are again. Ricky Steamboat, Kevin Sullivan, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin and William Regal.

Wilt Chamberlain and Andre the Giant show their size, as they lift up Arnold Schwarzenegger as if he’s Hornswoggle.

The contestants of the Wrestlemania XX Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Akio, Jamie Knoble, Nunzio, Funaki, Tajiri, Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore, and an unmasked Ultimo Dragon.

Tupac with an aspiring rap artist, R-Truth. Dat hair doe.

This creeps me out for some reason. Paul Bearer standing outside the casket that was made for the Undertaker / Warrior match, with Vince McMahon just lazying around inside of it.

Brock Lesnar at 14





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