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Adorable Animals Who Are in the St Paddy’s Day Spirit (22 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Animals   19 Mar 2015   / 4237 views

These animals are in touch with their inner Irish side and ready to have a party this St Patrick’s Day.


This little piglet that just finished picking up his supplies.

This pup who needs you to pour that beer into a cup right now.

This bulldog who already had one too many.

The seal that is pretty in green.

This dapper cat wearing green to match his eyes.

This doggy who sticks with the hard stuff.

This clover-loving capybara.

This golden with a little pot of gold for you.

This shepherd that is totally not German today.

This cats rocking her green goggles.

This pug puppy that is begging for another sip.

These twinsies ready for a double shot.

These twins are too, thanks.

This dog who needs a little rest before the next round.

This well-dressed dog that's ready to party and impress.

This passed out little pup.

This dogs that aren't so sure about the hats...

...and this dog that isn't a fan of the skirt.

This pug that can't believe you only got her 2 beers.

This dog with hair to dye for.

This cat that definitely went too hard...

...and this dog both have a little holiday hangover.

This little ginger kitten who is coming for your whiskey.

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