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Reaction GIFs That Totally Nail Daily Life (28 gifs)

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When your Ex tries to talk to you, but you already moved on.
When my friends start dancing...
When my gf asks me which of her friends I think is the hottest...
When you realize you didn't level up enough for the boss fight.
When a gif is taking forever to load and finally moves.
When you’re not paying attention in class and you finally look at the board.
When the guy at the AT&T store took the plastic off my new Iphone before I had the chance to. YOU HAD NO RIGHT!
When I fall asleep during an argument in a group message and wake up to over 500 messages.
When hunting for a dropped pencil during class.
When I went to bed after breaking up with my gf.
When the president of the company I work for walks into the office this morning and accused the vice-president of sleeping with his wife.
Every day in the office around 3pm.
When I boot up Mario 64 on Wii U and realize it came out in 1996, 19 years ago.
When I don't know any of the drinks and I am trying to impress my date.

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