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Dads Who Are Beyond Amazing (22 pics + 5 gifs)

Posted in Picdumps   25 Apr 2015   / 10682 views

This dad, who knows he has to read up on his daughter's interests:

This supportive dad, who will give his kids every opportunity he never had:

This dad, who'll always carry his son on his shoulders:

This Disney dad, who looked at his pride and thought: "Let it go."

This delicate dad, who knows the importance of being perfectly level:

This supportive dad, who taught a valuable life lesson in 8 words:

This dad, using to the tools of his son's generation the only way he knows how:

This engineer-dad, teaching his son an important lesson in physics:

This single dad, who's resigned to being the princess...again:

This lawn-mowing dad, who met his daughter halfway:

This dad, teaching his kids the importance of physical fitness:

This gamer-dad, who knows he doesn't need his feet to get to the next level:

This ingenious dad, who's a real team player:

This dad, smashing gender stereotypes with The Force:

This crafty dad, who knows that sometimes you just need to carve a helmet out of a watermelon:

This surfer dad, hanging an extra ten off his back:

This biker dad, defining "like father, like son":

This Dadster Chief, and his Mini-Chieflet:

This super-dad, who fights crime with his son at Home Depot:

This dad, the original photobomber:

This jokester dad, who knows it's never too early to give Mom a heart-attack:

And finally Stardad, and his lil' Groot.

This speedy dad, whose kid-falling-senses were tingling:

This quick dad, saving the day one cake at a time:

This graceful dad, and his amazing no-hands pants-dance.

This heroic dad, who's become "faster than a speeding bullet" since having kids:

This dad, who isn't about to let "no playground" keep his kid from having those essential life experiences:

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