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Wacky Gifts to Buy the Weirdos in Your Life (29 pics)

Posted in Random » WTF   29 Apr 2015   / 6627 views

A custom birthday video from a guy covering himself in condiments.

Order yours today.

A ring made of dentures.

Get it here.

A ring made of dentures WITH BRACES.

Available here.

A pair of fork friendship necklaces that say “Father” and “Son.”

Get ‘em here.

A Val Kilmer paper doll.

Should note that everything in this shop costs $999.99 but worth it imho.

Face candles.


A jar containing a (fake) “parasitic worm maggot extraterrestrial alien.”

Get it here.

Magic spells for literally anything you could ever need.

A pair of taxidermy mice holding sea urchins.

Available here.

A pair of taxidermy mice getting married.

Aww :)

This steampunk baby with a lamp for a face.

Get it here.

This Barbie with a brain for a head.

Find it here.

This corsage made out of condoms.

It’s intended for “bridal, bachelorette, or divorce parties.”


They’re listed as “non-use,” which, fair.

A latch hook pillow of a naked lady.

Get it here.

A mounted and crocheted dildo.

Just like Grandma used to make.

These peanut butter and jelly socks.

Buy them here.

A Dave Grohl prayer candle.

There are a bunch of other celebrities as well

One hundred toilet paper rolls.

You never know!

A pickle body pillow.

Very studious.

A spider-lookin’ mutant skeleton made from real bones.

“Ethically sourced bones from at least 10 species.

This pair of ~herb grinders~ featuring one friend barfing on another friend.

Get them here.

Mugs shaped like gaping human mouths.

Looks like mouths are having a moment?

Doll head plant markers.

Get them here.

A goodly variety of prints featuring hot dogs in strange places.

Find them here.

And also cheese curls.

Find these here.

Rhino hoof boots.

If you have a spare $625.70, all your dreams are about to come true.

A baked potato beanbag chair.

Get it here.

A copy of The New Yorker “with the parts I actually read highlighted.”

Buy it here.

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