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Things That Only Cat Lovers Will Understand (25 pics)

Posted in Animals   4 May 2015   / 6364 views

When you’re pretty sure you love your cat more than your cat loves you.

The burst of happiness whenever your cat decides to show you the smallest amount of love.

When you’re desperate to take a selfie but Fluffy just isn’t feeling it.

The fear that any exposed limb could be attacked at any moment.

When you really need something, and your cat is sitting on it.

When you’re trying to do something for your cat’s own good, but you think they might kill you once it’s over.

When you’re not quite sure if they want a tummy rub, or are just using their tummy as bait for your hand.

When you couldn’t possibly move because your cat has chosen you to sit on and that is the highest honour.

When you wonder if your cat is actually quite depressed, or maybe just embarrassed to be seen with you.


When you’re 100% sure your cat wants to kill you.

When you decide once and for all your cat is an absolute idiot.

When you think that maybe your cat can understand you, and they think you’re an idiot.

When you know better than to leave your food unattended for even a second.

Jealousy for your cat’s laid back lifestyle.

The amusement when your cat decides to kill an inanimate object.

The anger you feel when your cat pulls a major dick move.

The feeling that they may have a secret life they’re not telling you about.

Sometimes you wonder if they actually take pleasure in irritating you.

The constant feeling of judgment radiating from your cat.

The feeling that you probably just wasted a lot of money on any gift you buy your cat.

When you just need to smother your cat in love, even if you know they’re hating it.

When they yawn and you just want to stick your finger in their mouths.

When you feel overwhelmed by the extreme cuteness of their lil’ paws.

The fear that one day your cat will decide to fall asleep in the most stupid place ever, and you will trip over them and fall to your death.

Extreme privilege and honour when they invite you to stroke them.

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