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This Van Is Every Nomad’s Dream Home (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars   10 Jun 2015   / 8532 views

Dipa Vasudeva Das didn’t want to be tied down to one place so he turned a creeper van into a comfortable mobile home. It is definitely pretty awesome.


With the goal of creating a traveling home, Dipa initially framed everything out while adding plenty of spaces for much-needed future storage.
A skylight was added for some natural light to liven up the place.
With the frame complete, he added intricate wood paneling throughout the entire mobile home.
All the furniture is built in to the existing frame and walls.
Making the most of every square inch, below each door is a pull-out drawer providing even more storage space.
Behind the door (on the interior of the van) is a space under the floorboards that allows you to stand while using a hidden sink.
Seen here is the back of the van.
The back has a patio for chilling with friends as well as a compartment to hide a bicycle or two.
A cozy little spot to get some work done.
This area also doubles as a bedroom.
Tucked underneath the floorboards is a small dinner table to accommodate up to four people.
A fireplace seems ludicrous in a small little space such as this, and yet here one sits.
The final product is really impressive given that it all started out from a barren, old van.

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