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GIFs That Capture Everyday Reactions Perfectly (17 gifs)

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When you're on the toilet looking at a dying roll of toilet paper
Your girlfriend’s reaction when you try to “talk dirty”
When you smell somebody smoking weed nearby
When you hear a VCR get powered up and your wife says from the other room “What’s on this un-labeled VHS tape?”
When your sheltered roommate complains about getting a job
When you unexpectedly run into a group of people you know
When your "friend" sends you GOT spoilers
When your little brother says he can’t wait to graduate college and start earning money
When you listen in on a group of girls discussing guys who they friendzoned
When your coworker turns to his PowerPoint presentation’s 74th slide
When you hear your wife tell her friends that you're handy around the house
When you give another driver room to merge but they won’t commit
Your wife’s reaction when you get home late from guy’s night out
When you’re in the back seat and the front windows are down
When you wake up from a nightmare only to realize your life is still a nightmare
Your moms reaction after seeing how you had loaded the dishwasher
When your GF lets you know she got her her period after it being three weeks late

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