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$1-2 Million Will Let You Have One of These Houses (14 pics)

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Here's a list of homes you will be able to acquire for $1-2 million in some of the largest cities of the US.


In Silicon Valley, $1 million gets you a modest home that was built in the '70s.

Price: $999,999

Square feet: 2,474

But in Seattle, $1 million can get you a sleek, modern home with views of Lake Washington.

Price: $1.05 million

Square feet: 1,620

In Boston, the same amount of money buys you a Tudor home with four bedrooms and 2,596 square feet of space.

Price: $999,900

Square feet: 2,596

In Portland, a five-bedroom and 4.5-bathroom home costs just over $1 million.

Price: $1.029 million 

Square feet: 4,978

And in Denver, you can get 3,420 square feet of space for just under $1 million.

Price: $999,995

Square feet: 3,420

In growing tech-hub Austin, a $1 million home is still a four-bedroom mansion on the shores of Lake Travis.

Price: $1 million

Square feet: 2,908

And in Chicago, a five-bedroom, 4,371-square-foot home will cost you just more than $1.025 million.

Price: $1.025 million 

Square feet: 4,371

Back in Silicon Valley, this three-bedroom home recently sold for a whopping $2 million.

Price: $2 million 

Square feet: 1,740

For the same price, you could get a 3,810-square-foot home with lake views in Seattle.

Price: $1.965 million

Square feet: 3,810

In Boston, you could get this huge, five-bedroom home for just under $2 million.

Price: $1.995 million

Square feet: 5,736

In Portland, this $2 million home has more than 4,300 square feet of space.

Price: $1.997 million

Square feet: 4,371

And in Denver, a mansion with eight bathrooms is listed for just over $2 million.

Price: $2.049 million

Square feet: 7,715

In Austin, $2 million will get you four bedrooms, 4,700 square feet, and a heated lap pool.

Price: $2 million 

Square feet: 4,700

And in Chicago, this brand-new five-bedroom townhouse will cost you just north of $2 million.

Price: $2.095 million

Square feet: 4,200

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