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Amusing Similarities That Are Really Uncanny (50 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   7 Sep 2015   / 7391 views

This Taxi Driver In NYC Looks Just Like Albert Einstein

Kim Kardashian Looks Like The Penguin From Batman Returns

Potato Seal

Madonna Looks Like A Frog

Leonardo Dicaprio Is Approaching His Final Form - Jack Nicholson

This 3,000 Year Old Egyptian Bust Looks Mildly Like Michael Jackson

Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or This Ear Of Corn?

Went To The Bar And Saw Gandalf

Neil Patrick Harris And Benedict Cumberbatch Look Like Beavis And Butt-Head

A Squashed Duck

My Chocolate Croissants Look Like Little Sloths

This Ducklings Beak Looks Like A Wolf

French Minister Of Education Looks Like She's Willing To Avenge Oberyn

Firefox Dog

So I Cut My Hand With A Fan And Now It Looks Like I'm Emitting Wifi

This Part Of The Floor Heating Reminds Me Of An AT-AT Walker

This Pylon In My Local Park Looks Like Someone Has Extinguished A Giant Cigarette Into The Ground

Face Of Edgar Allan Poe Appears On A Caterpillar

The Button On This Train Looks Like An Angry Kenny

This Big T Tape Measure Looks Like Mr. T

Pretty Sure I Saw Robin Williams Identical Twin While On Vacation In Germany

Just Noticed How Well The Obama Logo Works For Trump With Some Simple Color Changes And Rotation

Bat Embryos Are Like Tiny Darth Vaders

These Shar-Pei Puppies Look Like French Croissants

"Brain, What Do You Want To Do Tonight?" "The Same Thing We Do Every Night, Pinky - Try To Take Over The World!"

Helen Thomas Looks Like Yubaba From Spirited Away

Milhouse Looks Like Woody Allen

My Smashed Finger Looks Like Batman And A Little Like A Sloth


Baby Looks Like A Dandelion

Clouds Looks Like Blue Heron, I Made Both Of Pictures On The Same Holiday. Tisza Lake, Hungary

Nelie Oleson From Little House On The Prairie Looks Like Joffrey Baratheon From Game Of Thrones

My Nails Match My Gum

I Discovered The Inspiration Behind The Apple Watch Home Screen

A Saturniidae Moth's Caterpillar Looks Like George Clinton

My Car And Garbage Can Have The Same Wheels

My Friend's Dog Wishes He Was A Seal

Taillights Look Like The Scream Mask

Her Dress Matched The Floor

Poland's New President And His Wife Look Like Claire And Frank Underwood From House Of Cards

My Aunt's Dog Looks Like Side-Eyeing Chloe

It's The Robert Smith Of Chickens!!

This Block Of Cheese Has A Very, Very Crude Map Of The World On It

Kim Kardashian’s Outfit Looks Like Barney Rubble's From The Flinstones

Eugene Levy Looks Like A Cat

Like Twins Separated At Birth

Emma Watson Looks Like An Eskimo Ice Cream

I Found A Rock That Looks Like Raphael

This Cloud Looks Like Godzilla

This Volcanic Plume Of Ash Looks Like A Silhouette Of The Queen Elizabeth II

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