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People Who Have Turned Laziness into an Artform (36 pics)

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To be fair, his arm is getting some exercise.

Come on, you can't be serious with this...

This dog owner who figured "well, less work for me."

Those stickers are edible for a reason...

You bastards...

This guy who reinvented peeing sitting down.

A lazy, but effective lesson.

"That'll do."

Taking out the trash.

atching a movie should never be a chore.

Who needs proper lumbar support?

Don't put effort into things people will never see...

Washing up is for squares.

This lazy Halloweener.

Because pockets are too much effort.

This custodian who can't be bothered with daylight savings.

Anyone who saw this and thought "man, I need that in my life."

These shop-owners who couldn't be bothered.

This guy who discovered he didn't have to get out to gas up.

Everyone who pays extra to go to the gym with the escalator outside.

This fence installer who put the first piece up and thought "eh, that's probably good enough."

This mom-of-the-year.

And her male counterpart.

This forward-thinker:

Whoever couldn't be bothered to lower their hands 5 inches to deposit their trash inside the trash can.

This street namer.

This master Macgyver.

And his son...

This guy, who works smarter rather than harder.

This is genius...

This clever security guard.

This woman, who knows that standing is for suckers.

At least they wrapped the presents this time...

This car-owner, who doesn't let things like "safety" or "common sense" stand in the way.

This birthday cake baker.

And finally, whoever is responsible for this catastrophe.

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