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Living with a Girl Is Not All Sunshine and Roses (21 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   21 Sep 2015   / 8458 views

There will be hair. So much hair.
You'll find bras in all sorts of crazy places.
Hair accessories will appear out of nowhere.
Their showers will be impossibly long.
But really, you should expect that based on how many hair and skincare products adorn the bathroom.
Half of her clothes will be put away normally, while the other half will be on the floor.
Once a month, your trashcan will fill up much more quickly than usual...
...And you would be well-advised to be extra nice to her for about a week.
If she wears nail polish, at least a little bit will end up on something other than her nails.
You'll go through toilet paper much, much quicker.
There will always be something that makes the house smell fantastic.
If she wears makeup, you're eventually going to find a powdery disaster in your sink.
You'll trip over a pair of shoes at some point.
Her ladylike tendencies will disappear the moment she comes home.
She will eat more than you could possibly fathom.
Of the multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner in her shower, at least 30 of them will be empty.
At some point, she'll try to prove how domestic she is and fail miserably.
You'll see her in states she doesn't even allow the rest of the world to see her in.
You'll inevitably catch her doing something completely gross.
If you want to avoid number 19 for as long as possible, for the love of all that is holy, KNOCK FIRST.
Whether it turns out to be for better or for worse, it's bound to be a living situation you won't soon forget.

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