A State by State Guide to the Priciest Homes in the US (51 pics)

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51. North Dakota

For a little over 2 and a half million, you could afford five bedrooms and 8,300 square-feet.

Price: $2.78 million Address: 4810 Lakewood Drive SE, Mandan

50. Nebraska

While it only has three bedrooms, the house sits on 4.17 acres.

Price: $4.2 million Address: 13507 Hamilton St., Omaha

49 South Dakota

This five-bedroom property rests near the 10th hole of the Dakota Dunes Golf course.

Price: $4.5 million Address: 940 Quail Hollow Circle, Dakota Dunes

48. Alaska

A three-bedroom property waterfront property that rests on 2 acres.

Price: $4.75 million Address: Hidden Bay, Admiralty Island

47. Ohio

This Cleveland home boasts six bedrooms, six fireplaces and a huge pool deck.

Price: $5.95 million Address: 2655 Chagrin River Road, Hunting Valley

46. West Virginia

This property contains nine bedrooms and sits on a beautiful property.

Price: $6.495 million Address: 226 Deer Wood Lane, White Sulphur Springs

45. Missouri

This mansion rests in the suburbs and has five bedrooms, a five-car garage and a large pool area.

Price: $6.65 million Address: 9847 Litzsinger Road, Ladue

44. Delaware

A nine-bedroom home with ties to the DuPont family is on the market for $7 million.

Price: $7 million Address: 1700 Walnut Green Road, Greenville

43. Louisiana

The state’s most expensive listing is an extravagant, five-bedroom home that has its own pool, cabana, tennis court, and green house.

Price: $7.99 million Address: 18447 Three Rivers Road, Covington

42. Maine

This property dates back to 1918 and rests on a 8.8 acre estate.

Price: $9.5 million Address: 399 Hermit’s Point Road, Isleboro

41. Arkansas

This five-bedroom mansion resides in Fayetteville.

Price: $9.918 million Address: 2991-2999 Lake City Road S., Fayetteville

40. North Carolina

This European designed home boasts limestone walls and a full Roman Spa.

Price: $10.75 million Address: 24 Browntown Road, Asheville

39. Oklahoma

In addition to a four-bedroom home, this $10.8 million ranch boasts two barns — one with 20 stalls and another with 50.

Price: $10.8 million Address: 18901 Bradshaw Lane, Thackerville

38. Indiana

This listing is the historic Crow’s Nest Inn, which resided on the shores of Lake Wawasee.

Price: $11 million Address: 9303 E. 1100 N., Syracuse

37. Wisconsin

An 11,000-square-foot estate on the banks of Lake Geneva is up for grabs.

Price: $12.2 million Address: N1860 N. Black Point Drive, Lake Geneva

36. Vermont (Tie)

This $12.5 million home includes a seven-bedroom main house and a two-bedroom, two-story guest house.

Price: $12.5 million Address: 506 N. Hill Road, Stowe

36. Mississippi (Tie)

This traditional Southern home has 15 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, and 25,000 square feet of space.

Price: $12.5 million Address: 845 Scenic Drive, Pass Christian

34. Iowa

A 24,000 square-foot home that has 9 bedrooms and rests on the shores of West Okoboji Lake.

Price: $12.8 million Address: 16216 Highway 86, Spirit Lake

33. Oregon

A 5-acre estate with a tennis court and views of Mt. Hood.

Price: $12.998 million Address: 2130 Windham Oaks Court, West Linn

32. New Mexico

This five-bedroom, 19,339-square-foot home was designed in the traditional Pueblo Revival style.

Price: $13.9 million Address: 12 Avenida de Rey, Santa Fe

31. Kansas

A 13,000 square foot custom built home that resides in Shawnee.

Price: $14 million Address: 18555 Johnson Drive, Shawnee

30. Michigan

This property is home to large iron gates and a dramatic driveway.

Price: $14.5 million Address: 590 Dubuar St., Northville

29. Alabama

This five-bedroom mansion is a former horse ranch called Rattlesnake Ridge.

Price: $15 million Address: 5852 Shelby Home Road, Gulf Shores

28. Montana

A 16,000-square-foot home with ski-in/ski-out access

Price: $18 million Address: 5 Lone Camp Road, Big Sky

27. Illinois

Known as Hidden Ponds, this European-inspired estate has eight bedrooms, a full-size British pub, and a large sun room.

Price: $18.775 million Address: 7 Fox Hunt Road, Barrington Hills

26. Wyoming

This 128-acre estate is known as the Lazy Moose Ranch, and contains two log cabins and a main lodge.

Price: $19 million Address: 2455 N. Fish Creek Road, Wilson

25. Kentucky

Boasting eight-bedrooms, two elevators, and indoor pool and 270 acres of pasture.

Price: $19.5 million Address: 2001 Winchester Road, Paris

24. Tennessee

A 15,000 square-foot manor, with hundreds of acres and equestrian center.

Price: $19.9 million Address: 5205 Still House Road, Franklin

23. Idaho

This manor has a grand total of 15,000 square feet.

Price: $20 million Address: 125 Sheep Meadow Lane, Ketchum

22. Maryland

This mansion comes with six bedrooms, a ballroom, a guest house, a pier, a boathouse and a barn.

Price: $21 million Address: 2858 Riva Road, Annapolis

21. Washington, DC

This historic estate was initially built solely for entertaining.

Price: $22 million Address: 3107 Fessenden Street NW

20. South Carolina (Tie)

This eight-bedroom mansion is located on the waterfront of Kiawah Island.

Price: $24 million Address: 90 Jackstay Court, Kiawah Island

20. Minnesota (Tie)

A seven-bedroom home fronting the beautiful Lake Minnetonka.

Price: $24 million Address: 1400 Bracketts Point Road, Orono

19. Pennsylvania

A 37,000-square-foot home designed by Rafael Viñoly.

Price: $25 million Address: 7111 Sheaff Lane, Ambler

18. Arizona

This Scottsdale mansion rests on 17 acres.

Price: $32 million Address: 10696 E. Wingspan Way, Scottsdale

17. Virginia

A six-bedroom home built on more than 800 acres in the 1930s.

Price: $33.5 million Address: 0 Landmark School Road, The Plains

16. Utah (Tie)

This $35 million home includes six bedrooms and an indoor pool that has water slides, a lazy river, and a hot tub. There’s also a bowling alley and an indoor basketball court.

Price: $35 million Address: 8272 E. Left Hand Fork Hobble C, Springville

15. Massachusetts (Tie)

A Nantucket waterfront estate that boasts 9 bedrooms and a large barn.

Price: $35 million Address: 260 Polpis Road, Nantucket

13. New Hampshire

The property technically contains two homes with a combined total of 63,000 square-feet.

Price: $37.8 million Address: 142 and 144 Hopewell Road, Alton

12. Hawaii

Located on the island of Kauai, this mansion has five bedrooms situated over a sprawling 18,210 square foot property.

Price: $38 million Address: 4200 Anini Vista Drive #D, Kilauea

11. Nevada

A modern ski house on Lake Tahoe has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and lots of glass.

Price: $39.75 million Address: 580 Gonowabie Road, Crystal Bay

10. Washington

This estate property has a five-bedroom primary residence, seven guest houses, several lakes, pastures, hiking trails and a landing strip.

Price: $43 million Address: 12011 SW 220th St., Vashon

9. Rhode Island

This Newport mansion has six-bedrooms, a humongous infinity pool and 45 acres of land.

Price: $45 million Address: 339 Ocean Ave., Newport

8. Georgia

Atlanta’s Chestnut Hall is a 17,785-square-foot mansion that resides on a luscious property.

Price: $48 million Address: 4665 Riverview Road, Atlanta

7. New Jersey

With 12 bedrooms, a movie theatre, three bars and an indoor basketball court, Alpine’s Stone Mansion is a site to behold.

Price: $48.88 million Address: 18 Frick Drive, Alpine

6. Colorado

The $60 million Four Peaks Ranch has seven bedrooms, 15 miles of hiking trails, indoor and outdoor pools, and a completely furnished teepee.

Price: $60 million Address: 1000 and 1220 Watson Divide Road, Snowmass

5. Connecticut

An 80-acre estate in the exclusive community of Greenwich.

Price: $65 million Address: 25 Lower Cross Road, Greenwich

4. Florida

This five-bedroom, six-bathroom waterfront mansion has listed for a whopping $68 million, a record for Collier County.

Price: $68 million Address: 3100 Gordon Drive, Naples

3. Texas

The Texas-Sized Hicks Estate in Dallas has a four-story mansion, a helipad, tennis courts, a gym, a panic room, and a wine cellar that can store up to 500 bottles.

Price: $100 million Address: 10000 Hollow Way Road, Dallas

2. New York

The “Briar Patch” of East Hampton has 10 bedrooms over two residences and appears on the National Register of Historic Places.

Price: $140 million Address: 90 Briar Lane, East Hampton

1. California

The “Palazzo di Amore” is still the most expensive house for sale in the US. The Beverly Hills home has 12 bedrooms and 23 bathrooms, plus a vineyard and parking for two dozen cars.

Price: $149 million Address: 9505 Lania Lane, Beverly Hills





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