Weird Things That Probably Only Ever Happen in Brooklyn (27 pics)

Posted in Funny   2 Oct 2015   / 4956 views  

When this man played Jenga while waiting for the L train.

When this was uttered in Park Slope.

When the late-night train home was basically nonexistent.

When this turtle commuted to work in style.

When someone's hangover green juice became a mistake.

When this stroller parking was real but also VIP.

When this missed connection description narrowed nothing down for anyone.

When Iron Man knew he wanted to party hard, so he wore his fanny pack.

When this vegan drew the line at luxury.

When this hungry lad ate from an open pot of oatmeal on the L train and everyone wept.

When full-grown adults attended Craft Camp.

When this laundromat gave the people what they wanted.

When this person gave in to their addiction.

When this robot hopped on the L for a night out.

When one resourceful observer of Judaism made a joint menorah.

When this bar finally had enough of the hoards of drunk youngsters.

When this vandal made his mark.

When this boy lamented his condition in Williamsburg.

When this soy milk wasn't just fresh, it was artisanal.

When this youngster was so accustomed to being in his adolescent oasis of Williamsburg he had trouble looking at older people.

When these twenty-somethings played on a seesaw on the roof provided by their apartment complex.

When this artisanal mayonnaise company was real and didn't apologize.

When this man existed wearing this outfit.

When this Williamsburg resident confirmed everyone's suspicions.

When this budding artist drew cupcakes waiting for the L train at the Bedford stop and sold it on Etsy.

When someone made the ultimate score at a thrift shop.

And when everyone blamed the hipsters for everything wrong forever.


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