100 Calorie Servings of Your Favorite Foods (38 pics)

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Think twice about chomping on a whole pain au chocolat, as a quarter is 100 calories

Fizzy drink fans will be disappointed that just three quarters of a can of Coca Cola is 100 calories

Good news for fruit lovers as one apple and a handful of grapes makes for a healthy 100 calorie snack

But bad news for ice cream fans as one scoop of Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream ice cream is 100 calories

A third (85g) of an American blueberry muffin makes for a quick 100 calorie snack

Or why not crunch on four and a half Brazil nuts instead?

Quench your thirst with one 200ml glass of Tropicana orange juice

Or spend a while longer chomping one medium banana

For a protein-rich snack choose one boiled medium size egg (57g) and a solider of wholemeal toast

Whereas a plate piled high with 80 blackberries contains the same number of calories

Will a third of a bottle of Frijj Chocolate milkshake (150ml) stem your hunger?

Or would you prefer to much down four peaches?

Or why not indulge in one and a half custard cream biscuits?

A stingy six and a quarter marshmallows contains 100 calories

Beer lovers won't cheer the fact there's 100 calories in just half a pint of bitter

And it's hard cheddar for cheese lovers, as a 20g chunk is 100 calories

Two rye crispbread with one tablespoon of low fat soft cheese spread make a wholesome 100 calorie snack

If you're opting for crisps, choose a 100 calorie packet of seasalt flavoured Popchips (23g)

Or why not go for one finger of a Twix and share the other half?

A whole pot of fat-free yoghurt (125g) and one apple will keep you full until lunch

Wine connoisseurs won't get much within the allowance - one 125ml glass of white wine contains 100 calories

Or for something more substantial, go for one slice of fruit loaf (35g) with one teaspoon of low fat spread

Just two Jaffa Cakes - containing 100 calories - will be wolfed down in an instant

Or smother one slice of wholemeal bread (78g) - or toast - with 1tsp (5g) of peanut butter

Enjoy eight carrot sticks and a tablespoon of salsa for another healthy snack

Meat lovers will have to make do with just one and a half rashers of streaky bacon

Could you eat just half a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk?

Four and a half walnuts will be munched down in a matter of seconds

Spread one tablespoon of reduced fat hummus on an oat cake and nibble on it with cucumber slices

Or enjoy a whole pack of Twiglets original (24g) 

An entire plate of 27 strawberries contains just 100 calories

Or why not swallow a tablespoon of sunflower seeds?

A tablespoon of sweet raisins also contains 100 calories

Chomp on seven fruit pastilles and give the rest of the pack away

Enjoy dipping vegetable crudites into a big dollop (three tablespoons or 36g) of reduced fat hummus

Half a Kit Kat Chunky eats up the 100 calorie allowance in a flash

For some natural sweetness, there is just 100 calories in eight dried apricots

Two rye crispbreads topped with two tablespoons of cottage cheese (80g) 




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