Simple Techniques to Becoming a Lucid Dreamer (10 pics)

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Lucid dreaming essentially gives you control over your dreams and is a way of creating a world around you when you sleep. This is how you do it!


Keep A Dream

Journal Keep a journal by your bed at night so that as soon as you wake up you can write down your dreams. Don’t just recall the events, but describe how you felt and what different sensations you experienced. Over time you will notice patterns and similarities amongst dreams, giving you a better chance at noticing these things while you’re dreaming, thus inducing a lucid dream.

Check your reality often

Throughout your normal day, start to perform simple reality checks. Checking the time is the most common reality check because in dreams, clocks will either be blurry or the clock face will change when you look away and look back. By integrating reality checks into your daily routine, you will eventually start to do them in your dreams, tipping yourself off that you’re dreaming. Cue lucid dream.

Repeat “I will be aware that I’m dreaming”

As you lay down to go to sleep, instead of counting sheep, repeat this phrase to yourself over and over until you drift off. This method is called Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming, as it draws upon memory aids to form a habit of being aware that you’re dreaming.

Recognize Dream Signs

Have you ever experienced something in dreams that you know you’ve seen before. Maybe your teeth fall out or you end up going in public without your clothes on. The more you recognize these common occurrences, the easier it will be to notice that you are in a dream.

After being waking up from a dream, drift back to sleep

While a dream is still fresh in your head and you are still tired, think about something in that dream that will be a sign that you’re dreaming as you fall back asleep. This will help you to pick up on that sign and allow you to better tell that you’re dreaming.

Purchase a light alarm

Seeing strange lights in dreams can tip you off that you’re dreaming. So, buy yourself a light alarm and set it to go off periodically through the night. Cover it with a thin sheet so that the light isn’t too bright. With this method, you don’t want to accidentally wake yourself.

Use the wake back to bed method

Set your alarm to go off in 4.5, 6, or 7 hours after you fall asleep. These are the times that you’re likely be in REM sleep. When you awake from the alarm, write your dream down, and stay awake for about 45 minutes. Eat a snack or walk around during this time to get your conscious mind active. After 45 minutes, head back to bed and concentrate on the dream. As you are drifting off, tap your fingers in a rhythmic pattern to keep your mind focused on the original dream until you fall asleep. After all of this it is way easier for your mind to decipher between dreams and reality.


Learning to meditate is not a simple task, but after learning to do this, lucid dreaming can be more easily triggered. Before bed, allow yourself some time to meditate so that you can clear your mind and naturally slip into a lucid dream state. While it may seem easy, this is one of the least successful ways to lucid dream.

Prolong a lucid dream as it begins to fade

A lot of people who are successful in reaching a lucid state will immediately wake up because their heart rate will rise from excitement. To avoid this frustration, there are several techniques to keep you in the dream. One is to rub your hands together to distract you from other bodily sensations. Another technique is to spin your body around in your dream as this will also take focus off of what your body is feeling.

Play more video games

Playing video games can give you a better perspective on what’s reality and what isn’t. Thus, people who play video games frequently are more likely to lucid dream as they are much better at picking out the differences from dream state to reality. Video games also provide you with the ability to control a character in a fictional universe, very similar to what lucid dreaming is like.






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