People Come Up with All Kinds of Weird Ways to Smuggle Things (43 pics)

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Some of the £1 million stash of cocaine which a 53 year old woman, from Ayr, attempted to smuggle into the UK hidden in children's toiletries. She has been jailed for seven years at the High Court in Glasgow. The woman was arrested at Glasgow Airport after arriving on a flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil, via Amsterdam.

Here is a collection of photographs of other bizarre smuggling attempts involving animals, drugs, mobile phones and submarines:

A U.S. citizen arriving from Peru at Newark Liberty International Airport had an assortment of food in his luggage along with 10lbs of cocaine. Customs officials found packets of cocaine stuffed inside a nougat cake and various other food and drink items.

Vanilla wafers filled with cocaine in Houston. A Guatemalan citizen arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport from Guatemala City with packages of vanilla wafers. But when customs officials opened them up, they said they found they were filled with cocaine instead of cream filling...

...He also had bags of chips that had small bundles of cocaine inside them. The 4 pounds of cocaine had a street value of more than $60,000 (about £39,000)

A block of cocaine concealed in a package of frozen meat in New York. A man arrived at Kennedy International Airport from Trinidad with three large packages of frozen meat in his suitcase. Customs officials took a closer look and said they found more than 7 pounds of powder cocaine inside.

Packets of chocolate syrup and salad dressing concealing cocaine paste in Los Angeles. A mother and daughter traveling from Spain were carrying bags of condiments that customs officials at Los Angeles International Airport decided felt unusually thick. They opened it up to find a plastic bag with cocaine paste placed inside, and then found another syrup packet in their checked-in luggage that contained more cocaine paste. Customs officials said they confiscated more than 10 pounds of the paste, a gummy substance that is extracted from coca leaves and then dried and turned into the white powder sold on the street.

Packets of opium covered in cinnamon hidden inside a rice cooker in Los Angeles. Officials found the rice cooker stuffed with 3 pounds of black opium, which had been coated in cinnamon and wrapped in plastic, being transported by a man arriving at Los Angeles International Airport from Iran. They also found a glass jar with a dark jelly-like substance in a suitcase that turned out to be opium. Officials said the opium had a street value of about $110,000 (approx £72,000)

A packet of cocaine hidden in a bag of ground coffee in Miami. Three bags of roasted, ground coffee arriving at Miami International Airport in a package from Guatemala in October were actually filled with more than 3 pounds of heroin, customs officials said. Customs officials said they noticed anomalies during an X-ray and felt that the weight of the three bags was different from that of others in the shipment.

Bags of powdered dairy product that contained cocaine in New York. A woman arriving at Kennedy International Airport in New York from Guyana was found with six bags of milk and custard powder that were filled with cocaine. Customs officials said they found 13 pounds of drugs in her luggage, with an estimated street value of $230,000 (over £150,000).

Rum bottles filled with liquid cocaine in New York. A man arriving from Guyana at Kennedy International Airport in New York was found to be carrying the bottles that customs officials said were filled with 18 pounds worth of liquid cocaine. The drugs had a street value of $310,000. (£203,000)

A woman was arrested for attempting to smuggle crystal meth in Ferrero Rocher wrappers. The 46-year woman was arrested at Sydney Airport, Australia, after Australian Border Force officers discovered 500 grams of the drug. She will appear at Darwin Magistrates Court facing charges of supplying methamphetamine in commercial quantity, possessing methamphetamine in commercial quantity and possessing a thing to administer a dangerous drug.

Spanish customs officers have seized some 10 tons of cannabis from a yacht off the country's southern coast and arrested three Dutch suspects on board. The boat, flying under a Dutch flag, was at serious risk of sinking due to the size of its cargo, the Spanish finance ministry said.

A would-be migrant hidden under the dashboard of a BMW sedan discovered by Spanish authorities while trying to cross into the Spanish enclave of Melilla from Morocco at the Beni-Enzar boarder check-point. The man says he is 19 and of Guinean nationality.

A 91-year-old Australian man has been charged with importing cocaine inside packets of soap in a crime that – if proven - would make him the world’s oldest drug dealer. Victor Twartz, from Sydney, allegedly smuggled ten pounds (4.5 kilograms) of cocaine on a flight from New Delhi on July 8, but apparently was a victim of a scam. The drugs were found inside 27 packets of soap.

A boarding team from U.S. Coast Guard cutter Stratton investigates a self-propelled semi-submersible in international waters off the coast of Central America. The seizure of around 12,000 pounds of cocaine from the vessel was one of the largest busts of its kind.

Spanish police seized 200 kilos of cocaine found inside hollowed-out pineapples that arrived by ship from Central America, the interior ministry said. The drug-stuffed fruit was found among 10 shipping containers filled with pineapples that arrived in the southern port of Algeciras, one of Europe's largest ports, the ministry said in a statement.

This poor yellow-crested cockatoo is one of 24 birds that were inserted in empty water bottles by smugglers in Indonesia...

Customs officials at Futian Port in China were suspicious of a man's 'weird posture'. They made a startling discovery when they searched him as he attempted to leave leave Hong Kong: a suit of armour made of 94 iPhones and several rolls of cling film.

Packets of cocaine amounting to a street value of £817,000 that were seized by officers at the Eastern Docks in Dover, Kent, where James Bettridge from Walsall was stopped in August last year, after arriving on a ferry from Calais, France. Unluckily for Bettridge the hamster carrier bag did not hold as a disguise .

More than 15 tons of marijuana hidden in a truck that supposedly was hauling mattresses were seized by the Border Patrol at the Otay Mesa border crossing with Mexico in San Diego, California. Authorities say the truck's trailer was stacked floor to ceiling with plastic-wrapped bundles of marijuana, which had an estimated street value of nearly $19 million. The Mexican driver was taken into custody.

Police in the Mexican border city of Tijuana said a small unmanned aerial vehicle overloaded with methamphetamine had crashed into a supermaket car park. It was spotted about two miles from the San Ysidro crossing with California by an anonymous caller. Officers said they recovered six packets of the drug, weighing more than six pounds, which were taped to the six-rotor remote controlled aircraft.

Canadian Ritchie Tabatha Leah was detained at Bogota airport in September 2013 as she pretended to be pregnant but was captured while attempting to board a flight to her country, carrying 2kg of cocaine hidden under a latex belly.

Surprise toy: A Mr Potatohead toy containing 293 grams of ecstasy seized by Australian Customs at a mail centre in Sydney in October, 2007. The parcel was posted from Ireland and sent to a residential address in Sydney's western suburbs.

Former England bowler Chris Lewis was jailed in 2009 for 13 years for smuggling more than £140,000 worth of cocaine into Britain inside his cricket bag. The 41-year-old hid the drug in liquid form in five tins of fruit and vegetable juice (above). But his plans went awry when he was stopped by customs officers at Gatwick Airport following what he claimed was an innocent holiday in St Lucia.

Spanish Police cut a cast made of cocaine that was worn by a 66-year-old Chilean man who tried to smuggle the drugs into Barcelona airport in 2009

German Customs confiscated 45 Kg of heroin woven into a carpet rug in Leipzig in January, 2014

They may look like mini Easter eggs, but sure won't taste the same… US Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested Miami resident Esteban Galtes on a drug smuggling charge after he was intercepted at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) just before Christmas in 2010. Officers searched Galtes' luggage and discovered more than 14 lbw of cocaine, much of it camouflaged as pastel-coloured, egg-shaped candies. If only he'd gotten the holidays right…

Some spicy guacamole could have been made from this avocado filled with cocaine

A piece of furniture containing blocks of cannabis that made up part of more than 5 tonnes of cannabis - worth £12m - seized by the Metropolitan police and HM Revenue and Customs in October 2005. The haul was recovered at a port on the East coast of England, it had been imported from Mexico hidden in a cargo of furniture and artefacts.

Inside a can of Stella Artois

Marijuana hidden in a surfboard confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection in June 2010

Marijuana hidden inside hose reels confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection

In 2004 Gregory Graham and Kaye Michele Chapman were convicted for attempting to smuggle cocaine from Colombia into Britain through Stansted Airport by surgically implanting it into two labrador dogs. Rex, right, one of the dogs used to import 1.3kg of cocaine.

In 1997 a man tried to smuggle cocaine in champagne bottles

In 2008 Australian Customs seized 150 of these little bottles labelled as 'gay lube oil'. They actually contained prohibited performance and image enhancing drugs manufactured and sent from Thailand.

Drugs hidden inside a water cartoon

Colombian soldiers stand on top of a seized submarine built by drug smugglers in Timbiqui, Colombia in February 2011. Colombian authorities said the submersible craft was to be used to transport 8 tons of cocaine illegally into Mexico.

A gang of Columbian drug dealers surgically implanted liquid heroin into these adorable puppies as part of a massive drug smuggling plot

Marijuana inside a child's stroller confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection

An x-ray showing swallowed packets inside a person's body, confiscated by the UK Border Agency

Drugs concealed in a lawn mower confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection

This man was detailed by Afghan customs with approximately 15.2lbs (7kg) of heroin taped to his body as he tried to leave the country at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan in June 2007

Heroin hidden in the differential of a vehicle confiscated by the US Customs and Border Protection





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