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Perfect Gifts for People Who Enjoy Drinking (19 pics)

Posted in Random » Awesome   12 Dec 2015   / 6280 views

Mature your own whisky kit

What better time to throw a moonshine party than the holidays, right?

Dual tank backpack drink dispenser

This year, give the gift of the ultimate double fist.


Because champagne lovers like to chug too.

Corkcicle beer chiller

Warm beers are obsolete when you can just stick this in and drink while it cools down.

Interactive beer pong table

For the beer pong lovers/rockstar wannabes in your life.

Quidditch beer pong set

Even better, play Beer Quidditch (or Quidditch Pong?) and you’ll go from Muggle to Wizard in 4 cups flat.

Beer koozie necktie

I think a beer really ties an outfit together, don’t you?

Picnic time portable cocktail party

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t whip out your sweet drink making skills.

Hidden flask mittens

Speaking of being outside, warm your friends up with secret sips from their hands.

Ron De Jeremy spiced rum

Endorsed by the legend himself.

Wingman shot glass

Friends don’t let friends blackout alone.

Robotic cocktail bartender

Now a robot can make drinks for that mixing-challenged person you know.

Himalayan salt tequila shot glasses

Since they’re made of real salt, they won’t last forever, but you’ll have a good time while they’re around!

Beer scented candles

Give the room a chance to get a little boozy…

Boozy jam

…and the bread.

Motorized beverage cooler

Coolers can be heavy, but not when they do the work themselves.

Shipfaced: the Battleship drinking game

We’ve all seen the homemade versions, but now there’s much less work.

Black Cow pure milk vodka

Don’t act like you’re not curious.

Wine condoms

Always use protection, people.

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