Seinfeld Stars who Were on TV Together Long Before They were Household Names (25 pics)

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Jon Favreau – Eric the Clown in “The Fire” (May 5, 1994)

While Favreau might have played a clueless clown at a kid’s party on Seinfeld, he went on to enjoy a breakout success because of Swingers.

Amanda Peet – Lanette in “The Summer of George” (May 15, 1997)

Peet played Lanette, Jerry’s date to the Tonys whose male roommate catches Jerry totally off-guard. Peet’s resumé since Seinfeld includes starring roles in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Whole Nine Yards.

Teri Hatcher – Sidra in “The Implant” (February 25, 1993)

Hatcher appeared in the show as Jerry’s girlfriend Sidra, who Elaine was hellbent on proving had fake breasts. Hatcher starred as a Bond girl in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies before returning to the small screen on ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

Lauren Graham – Valerie in “The Millennium” (May 1, 1997)

Before landing her role as Lorelai in Gilmore Girls, Graham played Jerry’s speed-dial ranking girlfriend.

Debra Messing – Beth in “The Yada Yada” (April 24, 1997)

Messing was involved in a few Seinfeld episodes, but the most memorable was the “Yada Yada” episode. Just a few months after her final outing on Seinfeld, Messing would go on to become one of the stars of her own groundbreaking sitcom, Will & Grace.

Jeremy Piven – Michael Barth in “The Pilot” (May 20, 1993)

It one of the series more memorable moments, Piven plays an actor who auditions for the part of George in “The Pilot.” While he’s had a long career in television, his name became synonymous with Entourage’s Ari Gold.

Bryan Cranston – Tim Whatley in “The Mom and Pop Store” (November 17, 1994)

Cranston played the recurring role of Jerry’s dentist. It seems that even then he was destined for great things, as he went on to play Walter White in the Breaking Bad series. Seinfeld has said that he knew the actor would become a star the second he walked on set.

Courtney Cox – Meryl in “The Wife” (March 17, 1994)

Courtney Cox will always be known for playing Monica in the series Friends, but she also played Meryl, a girlfriend who masquerades as Jerry’s wife in order to share his dry cleaning discount.

Denise Richards – Molly Dalrymple in “The Shoes” (February 4, 1993)

Richards played the role of the head of NBC’s programming’s daughter, in an episode where her low-cut top almost cost George and Jerry their sitcom. She went on to star in films like Starship Troopers, The World is Not Enough, and Wild Things.

Drake Bell – Kid in “The Frogger” (August 23, 1998)

Bell had a very small feature in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment from this season nine episode. Bell went on to be a Nickelodeon star and musician.

Christine Taylor – Ellen in “The Van Buren Boys” (February 6, 1997)

Taylor made an early appearance on Seinfeld as one of Jerry’s many girlfriends. She’s starred in hits including Zoolander and Dodgeball since.

James Spader – Jason ‘Stanky’ Hanky in “The Apology” (December 11, 1997)

Before joining the wildly successful shows The Office and Blacklist, Spader played a recovering alcoholic who, during Step Nine of Alcoholics Anonymous’ Twelve Steps, apologizes to everyone he has ever wronged.

Michael Chiklis – Steve in “The Stranded” (November 27, 1991)

Before appearing on The Shield and starring in blockbusters such as The Fantastic Four, Chiklis played a friend of Jerry Seinfeld who lived waaay out in Long Island.

Michael Chiklis – Steve in “The Stranded” (November 27, 1991)

Before appearing on The Shield and starring in blockbusters such as The Fantastic Four, Chiklis played a friend of Jerry Seinfeld who lived waaay out in Long Island.

Rob Schneider – Bob Grossberg in “The Friar’s Club” (March 7, 1996)

Rob Schneider had actually opened for Jerry Seinfeld on the stand-up circuit before he appeared on the sitcom as Elaine’s partially deaf colleague. The former SNL cast member has gone on to star in comedies like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo and Grown-Ups.

Brad Garrett – Tony in “The Bottle Deposit” (May 2, 1996)

Garrett had a successful stand-up career and had even performed on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson before his Seinfeld debut, where he played Tony, the mechanic who was deeply dedicated to his craft. Garrett has lent his recognizable voice to animated hits like Tangled and Finding Nemo, but he’s perhaps most recognized for his role on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Chris Parnell – NBC Exec in “The Butter Shave” (September 25, 1997)

After purposely sabotaging his own set, Seinfeld is dismayed to find out that two NBC executives (one played by Parnell) were in attendance and offer Jerry’s hack nemesis Kenny Bania a pilot. Parnell later joined the cast of Saturday Night Live.

Marcia Cross – Dr. Sara Sitarides in “The Slicer” (November 13, 1997)

Marcia starred in Seinfeld as a life-saving dermatologist who Jerry dismissed as “Pimple Popper M.D.” Cross appeared on shows like Boy Meets World, Ally McBeal, and Spin City before getting her big break on Desperate Housewives.

Anna Gunn – Amy in “The Glasses” (September 30, 1993)

Gunn played a character who was mistakingly spotted by George cheating on Jerry. She is now most known for her role in Breaking Bad.

Bob Odenkirk – Ben in “The Abstinence” (November 21, 1996)

Odenkirk played Elaine’s almost-doctor boyfriend, Ben, who went to medical school but had not yet passed the licensing exam. Odenkirk would eventually join Gunn on Breaking Bad. Before Seinfeld, he was a writer for SNL, and he was starring in Mr. Show when this episode first aired.

Patton Oswalt – Video Store Clerk in “The Couch” (October 27, 1994)

Oswalt’s career has exploded in all directions since he was on Seinfeld, as he does stand-up, books, television, movies and even video games. His first-ever TV appearance was as a video store clerk back in 1994.

Peter Krause – Tim in ‘The Limo’ (February 26, 1992)

Before becoming leading man in Parenthood and driving a hearse in Six Feet Under, Krause played a white supremacist who ends up stuck in a limo with Jerry and the gang.

Sarah Silverman – Emily in “The Money” (January 16, 1997)

Before starring in her own show, partaking in quite a few stand-up specials and appearing in movies, Silverman played Kramer’s girlfriend Emily whose “Jimmy legs” keep the K-Man up at night, eventually forcing the couple into separate beds.

Jane Leeves – Marla in “The Virgin” (November 11, 1992)

Jane Leeves played the titular virgin in “The Virgin” who eventually leaves Jerry for John F. Kennedy, Jr. Leeves clearly impressed the NBC brass, as she was cast as Daphne on Fraiser just months after “The Virgin” first aired.

Jennifer Coolidge – Jodi in “The Masseuse” (November 18, 1993)

Despite playing a character that ended up just being one of Jerry’s many girlfriends, Coolidge went on to forge a successful career on the silver screen where she’s perhaps best remembered as Stifler’s mom from the American Pie movies.





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