These Date Ideas Will Take Your Next Date from Boring to Awesome in an Instant (20 pics)

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Museum of Natural History Why?

Because Dinosaurs. That’s why.

Go to your local animal shelter

Take a trip to the see the cute kittens and puppies. Your date will love it, and the animals will too.

Visit and escape room

While this may not be a good first date, these escape rooms can be great to better get to know your date through interesting challenges and stressful situations.

Try the escalating date

If you’re not sure that a first date is going to go well, try an escalating date. Start at a coffee shop around 4:00 PM to chat and learn about each other. If it’s a good match, suggest maybe going out to dinner or a movie. This is the perfect way to protect yourself from prolonging a terrible date.

Go to a putt-putt golf course

A little bit of competition is a great way to get close with someone. Brush off those golf shoes and get out on the course for a great date. Bonus points if there’s ice cream afterwards.

Stay in for a ‘Lego Date’

Head to your local toy store with your date and pick out a decent sized lego set. Take it home and together you can build it. This is a great way to stay cozy at home while doing something fun and creative together.

Laser Tag!

Who doesn’t want to shoot their date with lasers to see who will reign champ? Or, choose to work together to create an unstoppable team against the enemies.

Try the local arcade

You can really learn a lot about a person by playing against them in Air Hockey. Stir up some competition and at the end, see who walks away with the most tickets.

Go analog with a board game

Head on out to any department store and pick out a board game that you and your date have never played before. Take it home and learn together for a cheap and fun little date night.

Sight see at a botanical garden

Mix exercise with some beautiful sights at a botanical garden. There will be hints of romance, and plenty of things to keep the both of you occupied for hours.

The Googly Eye Graffiti Date

Take your date to the dollar store to stock up on a bunch of different sized googly eyes. Then head out around the town, “tagging” some awesome locations for a good laugh.

Head to the theme park

Adrenaline and excitement are great tools for nailing a first date. When your date goes home and thinks about the experience, they will associate you with exciting feelings which is a win for everyone.

Explore space at the planetarium

Planetariums are much like movie theaters except full of outer space. Go on a journey through the stars with your date for an unforgettable experience.

The Chef’s Challenge

Give your date a budget and a time frame and set them loose in the grocery store. Tell them that they can pick out as much as they can with the budget they have and you’ll go home and cook it. This will only work if you’re a decent cook, but if you nail this one, you’ll look pretty damn impressive.

Go Geocaching

If you want to show your date your adventurous side, head out for an afternoon of geocahing. This may not be a great first date though, as your date may be hesitant to follow a person that they just met out into the woods.

Get out on the water

There’s no denying that it’s beautiful out on the water. For about $80 you can take your date out kayaking or canoeing for a beautiful and adventurous day out.

Have a go-kart race

Combine the excitement of the theme park with the competitiveness of laser tag with a good old fashioned go-kart race.

Take a walk

Taking a walk in the park is one of the best ways to have an engaging conversation while getting out and enjoying the day. Your date will enjoy the fact that you genuinely want to talk and get to know them better.

Watch a minor league game

Minor league sports are great date ideas as you can have a few drinks, watch a good game, and get to know each other, all for pretty cheap.

Show off your moves on the ice

Ice skating is always a good go-to, especially if your local rink serves alcohol. Plus, slipping on the ice is the perfect excuse for grabbing your date’s hand. Just saying.






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