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Mini Homes That Make the Perfect Holiday Spots (24 pics)

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Getaway is a start-up created by the Harvard Innovation lab and it features these awesome mini-homes planted in the middle of the forest.

Guests can book these adorable little domiciles for $99 a night with one sole purpose - getting away from it all.

"We really want you to do nothing at all." That's Jon Staff's motto, CEO of Getaway.

Staff was inspired by his experiences living in an Amsterdam trailer and says the small space forced him out into the world.

The first home to be designed and built by Getaway is the Ovida.

It's located about 2 hours outside of Boston somewhere in a secluded forest.

Even though the Ovida is small, it offers all of the amenities of your typical house.

We're talking board games, snacks, some books...

And of course the essentials like a heater (propane powered)...

...and electricity courtesy of solar panels that also power this electric toilet.

The less-than-conventional design was made specifically to accommodate short-term guests. Permanent dwellers? Not so much.

"We can worry less about storing four seasons of your wardrobe and a hundred kitchen gadgets. That frees us up to do these more whimsical things."

But the homes are all decorated differently, like the Lorraine - Getaway's second house.

The inside was designed to be a writer's retreat - the work surface spills from the kitchen into the bedroom.

And this long-ass rectangular window gives a foresty view that should be inspirational; if the woods is your thing.

As cute as these awesome little living spaces are you probably won't be spending too much time indoors - there's a grill and campfire outside.

But the coolest of the tiny houses is probably the treehouse-ey Clara.

This little bad-boy is rocking three levels.

And even though the space is small, it can comfortably fit four people, with separate sleeping areas.

It's also rocking huge windows to give you a beautiful view of your surroundings.

When you rent the place, Getaway preps the area with food and other essentials all before you arrive.

And it even packs portable speakers. The little place probably gets filled with sound.

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