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Pretty Darn Good Gallery of Captivating Pictures (50 pics)

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The FBI Sent A Letter To Martin Luther King Jr, Telling Him To Kill Himself (full transcript)

This is what Bruce Buffer’s notes looks like when he’s announcing UFC fights

1928 Tommy gun inside a violin case

8’3″ tall Sultan Kosen standing next to his wife…his hands are bigger than that guys head!

Palpatine at his first Senate Address and his last one

2 GB hard drive from 1996 next to 64 GB flash storage in 2016

Dubai’s new cigarette trash can

This is the next gen McDonald’s..”McDonald’s Next”

The original voice cast of Peanuts

Libyan Battle Trucks, by photographer James Mollison

Trying to smuggle marijuana in fake carrots

Lifespan of a Tree

Picture of the crowd at Metallica’s 1991 concert in Moscow. It is estimated somewhere around 1.5 million were in attendance.

Concorde cruising above the earth at 60,000 feet!

Cool Office Space

Breakup, as captured by Fitbit

This is where bus drivers on the night shift in Japan take a nap

Martyn Ford – one large human being: 6’8, 325lb

Custom indoor yacht garage

RxTimerCaps save lives. The clock resets to 00:00 every time the bottle is opened so you’ll know if you’ve missed a dose

Guy survives round to the head thanks to Kevlar helmet

Leonardo DiCaprio getting wounded during the filming of The Revenant

The oldest hotel in the world has been operated by the same Japanese family for over 1,300 years. 52 different generations of descendants have cared for and operated the inn.

A real Prada store in the middle of nowhere?

A flaming red durian.

Individuals in Japan have started wearing full-body lycra suits in attempt of "breaking free from the tensions of daily life."

A real life-size gingerbread house that you can enter and dine in as if you're Hansel and Gretel for a day.

A mysterious sea of foam along the streets of Maroochydore, Australia.

The door to St. Edward's church in Stow, England.

A UFO casually driving down the freeway in Northwest Indiana.

A bus designed to do actual push-ups off the pavement.

Brian Tagalog is the only certified tattoo artist in the world that doesn't have arms.

A globetrotting thrill-seeking Russian hairdresser giving extreme hair cuts in extreme locations.

An actual Santa University for professional Santas.

The pussyfication of our children has reached a new level never seen before

Comfortably numb: A patient plays the guitar while undergoing brain surgery at a hospital in Shenzhen city, south China's Guangdong province. The 57-year-old patient is the first in China and the seventh in the world to receive 'deep brain stimulation' (DBS), a surgical procedure in which two thin, insulated electrodes are inserted into the brain to block the signals that cause the symptoms of dystonia.

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