Filmmaking Photos Of Some Iconic Movies (30 pics)

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Johny Depp and co-star Winona Ryder during filming of the dark romance, Edward Scissorhands.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestial getting a much deserved bath from director Steven Spielberg.

British actor Boris Karloff who played the monster having a cup of tea with actor Colin Clive who portrayed Dr. Frankenstein.

Actor Amrish Puri hanging out with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom director, George Lucas.

John Rosengrant is the man behind one of the ferocious raptors in Jurassic Park III.

Gerard Butler discussing a scene with director Zack Snyder for the film 300.

First cameraman Richard Edlund setting up the scene of the now iconic opening crawl in Star Wars.

Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew getting cozy with each other in Star Wars.

Setting-up the chase scene in Return of the Jedi.

Steven Spielberg studying the scene of Tanis Digs before rolling for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen practicing their Jedi moves with their light sabers.

Leonardo DiCaprio getting his wounds applied for the Oscar nominated film, The Revenant.

Michael Gambon aka Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and Daniel Radcliffe as the title character, stand together for a windy scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Gallows.

The break-out scene from Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

The bat scene between Shelly Duval and Jack Nicholson in the psychological horror movie, The Shining.

Brandon Routh gets close to the Fortress of Solitude in Superman Returns.

Brandon Routh is hanging off wires for his flying scenes in Superman Returns.

Actor Robert DeNiro and director Francis Ford Coppola share a light moment on the set of The Godfather: Part II.

The green pillows are meant to be the giant ape's hand holding Aussie actress Naomi Watts in King Kong.

Francis Ford Coppola having a discussion with young actors Matt Dillon, C.Thomas Howell, and Ralph Machhio.

Crispin Glover aka Knave of Hearts getting last minute notes from director Tim Burton.

Director Luc Besson testing the light for The Fifth Element.

The iconic scene Sigourney Weaver is attacked in Ghostbusters.

John Hurt not appearing to be bothered by the facehugger on his face while Ridley Scott gets the shot ready in Alien.

Matt Damon getting handy for a scene in The Martian.

Ex Machina actor Alicia Vikander going over the scene with director Alex Garland.

The Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger getting his face prosthetics applied.

The tracks to create the fast paced 360 degree scene for The Wolf of Wall Street.

American director Toby Hooper shooting the final and scary scene of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving shooting at each other in The Matrix.


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