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Some Important Things Your Body Is Trying to Tell You about Your Health (11 pics)

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If any of the warning signs in this gallery concern you, then you should speak to a medical professional.

Chapped lips is pretty common. Usually caused by over exposure to the sun or the wind. If you are not in these environments though chapped lips can be a strong signal of a vitamin deficiency.

Your eyes are split into several pieces. The whites of your eye are more scientifically classified as the “sclera.”

If your sclera changes color it is normally a sign of a serious concern such s liver damage or a viral infection.

If you notice a change in your nails, be it growth rate, color, or density you should speak with a doctor. It may be a sign of liver disease, or cardiovascular disease.

Birthmarks and moles are pretty common among adults and are usually harmless, however if you notice a sudden increase in the rate they are growing you should speak to a dermatologist immediately.

Neck swelling can be a very serious indicator. It may be a thyroid problem or even meningitis. Unless you just finished a set of 1,000 neck crunches you should not ignore neck stiffness.

Red or swollen palms can be a sign of dermatitis, eczema, or the onset of an allergic reaction.

If you notice a change in your eyebrow density, be it thinning or thickening, then there may be a problem with your thyroid and you should speak with a doctor.

Normally cold hands and feet (not just fingers and toes) is a strong indicator of Reynald’s Disease. It is an autoimmune condition that constricts blood vessels in the extremities.

Her rosy cheeks may indicate she is smitten, but if she is between the ages of 30-55 it may just as likely be Rosacea, a skin condition that is twice as likely to occur in women and is signaled by an increase in facial hue.

Everyone has a few gray hairs when all is said and done, but if you are more than 50% gray by the time you turn 30 you need to see a doctor. More likely than not you may be a diabetic.

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