What Apartments You Can Get For $1500 In The Most Expensive US Cities (33 pics)

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Here is a list of one bedroom apartments and their rental price in different expensive cities of America.


Minneapolis, MN: $1,515

Neighborhood: Lowertown

Amenities: At 834 sq ft, this apartment comes complete with high ceilings, concrete flooring, and "more windows than wall." It also comes with stainless steel appliances and a washer and dryer. That's convenient.

Average monthly rental price in Minneapolis: $1,140

Austin, TX: $1,457

Neighborhood: South Congress

Amenities: This one-bedroom is right off of South Congress Avenue, which is basically where all the hip people live. This apartment comes with a patio, lots of storage space, and Jack & Jill sinks. And it's pet friendly. You're going to see a lot of dogs in Austin.

Average monthly rental price in Austin: $1,140

Atlanta, GA: $1,470

Neighborhood: West Midtown

Amenities: Granite countertops, walk-in closets, hardwood flooring, plus washer and dryer? Sign me up now.

Average monthly rental price in Atlanta: $1,260

Philadelphia, PA: $1,530

Neighborhood: Rittenhouse Square

Amenities: This apartment sized at 740 square feet has high ceilings, giant windows, and is in an open-concept layout. Hardwood flooring throughout with all-white trim in the kitchen. It even has a breakfast bar so you know, you can stand up eating your cheesesteak.

Average monthly rental price in Philadelphia: $1,200

Seattle, WA: $1,545

Neighborhood: Ballard

Amenities: This one is 680 square feet and features some brand new appliances. The advertisement says you have a private entrance and private patio. It does look cozy.

Average monthly rental price in Seattle: $1,650

Los Angeles, CA: $1,500

Neighborhood: West Hollywood

Amenities: Two-car parking space (because you will need to drive), heat, water, and trash included in the rent! Free window A/C unit available — I hear LA summers get balmy.

Average monthly rental price in LA: $1,900

Chicago, IL: $1,550

Neighborhood: Wicker Park

Amenities: This spacious apartment boasts an updated kitchen (which includes a dishwasher!), with a big bedroom lots of storage space to hide your Cubs gear. There's central heating and parking available (rented separately).

Average monthly rental price in Chicago: $1,940

Washington, DC: $1,595

Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

Amenities: DC is expensive, damn. The apartment does give you ~*free*~ heat, hot water, and cooking gas.

Average monthly rental price in DC: $2,130

Boston, MA: $1,600

Neighborhood: Somerville

Amenities: An eight minute walk to the T. Hey, the hardwood flooring is in "good" condition. Take what you can get.

Average monthly rental price in Boston: $2,340

New York, NY: $1,650

Neighborhood: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Amenities: Enjoy that 15 minute walk to the A/C Nostrand stop, or the 10 minute walk to the G Bedford-Nostrand stop. Oh yeah, it's a sweet pad, but you're going to love the walk when it's snowy or rainy. Pet-friendly apartment, though, so that's a real plus!

Average monthly rental price in New York City: $3,220

San Francisco, CA: $1,800 for one bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment

Neighborhood: The Mission

Amenities: Not only are you $300 above your budget, you don't even get to live alone. Instead, you get to live with a drama-free roommate! Your room will be 9 feet by 12 feet and you'll have your own bike storage. Enjoy getting priced out of San Francisco next month.

Average monthly rental price in San Francisco: $3,500

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