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What People Google-Search on Valentine's Day By State (50 pics)

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ALABAMA: Lord Byron (poetry)

ALASKA: flower delivery

ARIZONA: cubic zirconia rings, Jacquie Lawson cards

ARKANSAS: romance novels, Zale’s jewelry

CALIFORNIA: gold, cubic zirconia jewelry, couples pajamas, heart-shaped sunglasses, bondage kit

COLORADO: platinum rings, fondue, dance lessons, couples yoga, aphrodisiac foods

CONNECTICUT: Edible Arrangements, smoking jacket

DELAWARE: gift card

FLORIDA: Pandora jewelry, Barry White songs

GEORGIA: satin pajamas, couples outfits

HAWAII: flower, platinum, pearls, pearl jewelry, Tahitian pearls, romantic comedy (movie genre), couples massage, tandem kayak

IDAHO: Adam & Eve (the online store, not the Adam & Eve from the Bible)

ILLINOIS: chocolate fondue

INDIANA: romantic gifts, romantic getaway, couples vacation, mood music,

IOWA: tandem bicycle

KANSAS: Helzberg Diamonds, Valentine’s recipes

KENTUCKY: couples tattoos, 50 Shades of Grey (novel), 50 Shades of Grey (film), songs to have sex to, roses, porn for couples,

LOUISIANA: jewelry, men’s jewelry (tie w/ Oklahoma), pearl earrings, adult sex toys, oysters, silk sheets, cheesecake

MAINE: lobster, lobster recipe, Maidenform, Robert Burns (poetry)

MARYLAND: ProFlowers (company), couples activities, Valentine’s Day dinner, Sade (band), Sears portraits

MASSACHUSETTS: couples cooking class

MICHIGAN: ballroom dancing lessons

MINNESOTA: silk boxers

MISSISSIPPI: pearl necklace, cheap jewelry, cheap lingerie, men’s cologne, mixtape

MISSOURI: Hallmark cards, couples resort, vejazzling

MONTANA: silver, lobster tails

NEBRASKA: Helzberg jewelry

NEVADA: Frederick’s of Hollywood, corset, Boyz II Men, adult onesie, sexy costume

NEW HAMPSHIRE: stuffed animal

NEW JERSEY: long-stem roses, box of chocolate, chocolate gift, romantic movies, gift basket, wine gift basket

NEW MEXICO: hickey, Indiana jewelry, silver jewelry

NEW YORK: 1-800-FLOWERS, earrings, chocolate baskets, Harlequin books, wine delivery, couples spa package, Victoria’s Secret, champagne, silk pajamas, candygram, romantic motel, perfume, romantic restaurants, mink coat

NORTH CAROLINA: sterling silver jewelry

NORTH DAKOTA: gifts for him, couples retreat, flower bouquet

OHIO: Pandora bracelet, romantic getaways

OKLAHOMA: Teleflora, men’s jewelry (tie w/ Louisiana), relationship counseling, marriage counseling, boudoir photography, boudoir photos

OREGON: poetry, romance novel, romance movies

PENNSYLVANIA: edible underwear, Hershey’s Kisses

RHODE ISLAND: Pandora charms, charm bracelet, bracelet, couples dancing lessons, romantic hotel

SOUTH CAROLINA: matching outfits, how to be romantic

SOUTH DAKOTA: gold jewelry, Romeo and Juliet, JCPenney portraits

TENNESSEE: cheap sex toys

TEXAS: Valentines for him, edible panties, discount sex toys, plus-size lingerie

UTAH: cute valentines, men’s rings, cubic zirconia, Sweethearts candy, Conversation Hearts, lingerie, couples games

VERMONT: chocolate, romantic movies

VIRGINIA: romance (TV show genre), Kama Sutra, romantic music, sexy songs

WASHINGTON: bear skin rug, platinum ring, red wine, sparkling wine, aphrodisiacs

WEST VIRGINIA: Valentine’s Day ideas, cheap gifts, eCards, handcuffs

WISCONSIN: teddy bear, fur coat

WYOMING: flowers, sex toys, adult toys, vibrator, bra, mail-order bride

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