If All Hostels Were Like This I'd Stay Only There (12 pics)

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Traveller’s Cave Pension- Turkey

Seriously, these rooms are built into the side of a cliff, and some of them even have cozy fireplaces. Another plus is that in the Cappadocia region of Turkey, they’re known for their amazing hot air balloon displays, which you get to see when you come out of your cave onto the patio. Rooms start at $31

1 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Lucky Lake Hostel- Amsterdam

Not so much of a building as a group of caravans, guests enjoy their own colorful pod while having an open atmosphere with the other people staying there. Caravans start at $30 per person.

2 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Hi Ottawa Jail- Ottawa, Canada

This place is literally a 150-year-old prison. And you stay in prison cells. But luckily, they have WiFi and dance parties. They also have an indoor-outdoor bar where you can meet locals…and get your mugshot taken. It’s also known as the most haunted building in Ottawa. Rooms start at $62.

3 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Juggler’s Rest- New Zealand

This place might look boring, but they’ve got “circus toys” for you to play with, and they’ll teach you to juggle if you don’t already know how. At night, they have LED juggling shows, and supposedly a staff member juggles his son. Rooms start at $35.

4 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel- California

Take in the Pacific Coast scenery by sleeping in an 1875 lighthouse, and you’ll never be far from the beach. Beds start at $27.

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Eastern Comfort- Berlin

If you’re more of a floating type, stay in a boat and watch Berlin go by. Each room has its own toilet and shower, and you get to sit on the roof and watch the sunset over the water. Cabins start at around $17.

6 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Kadir’s Tree House- Turkey

Boats not your thing? Sleep in a tree. You have to climb a ladder to get to your room, but isn’t it fun to feel like you’re at summer camp all over again? Plus, there’s a “pizza house” that’s open all night long. Treehouses start at $39.

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The Adventure Brew Hostel- La Paz, Bolivia

It’s not only a place to sleep, it’s also a brewery! They give you free beer for the duration of your stay… and they offer beer baths on the roof. Do you need anything else? Rooms start at $28

8 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Castle Hostel- Nuremberg, Germany

It’s time to get medieval. Stay inside a 500-year-old castle in the heart of Nuremberg. Don’t worry, the rooms are modern, so you can pee inside.

9 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Rivoli Cinema Hostel- Porto, Portugal

Movie lovers rejoice- this 13 room hostel is dedicated to the film industry, and there’s a huge DVD selection, so if you get tired of sight-seeing you can binge watch whatever you want. Beds start at about $17 a night.

10 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Sepilok Jungle Resort- Borneo

When you stay here, your neighbors might be monkeys and fruit bats. It’s in the heart of the Borneo Rainforest, and bamboo bridges stretch over rivers and green lagoons so you can explore. Plus, there’s a pool with a waterfall. Rooms start at $35.

11 If All Hostels Were Like This I

Das Park- Ottensheim, Austria

Robust drain pipes were cleaned out and jazzed up to make a place to sleep. Who needs a tent? Prices are unclear as the website says they follow a “pay as you wish” policy.

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