National Geographic Photos That Were Never Published (75 pics)

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Here's a selection of photos from the archives of NatGeo that were unpublished or simply forgotten. So, the project 'Found' was launched in order to "bring the pictures back to life by sharing them to new audiences."


A Kitten Aboard A Floating Victoria Water Lily Pad In The Philippines, 1935

A White Fallow Stag Stands In A Forest In Switzerland, 1973

Hikers Stand Near The Top Of A Natural Rock Bridge On Mt. Rainier, Washington, May 1963

With Claws Bared, A Kitten Attacks Its Own Mirrored Reflection, 1964

A Regular At Le Louis Ix In Paris, “caramel” Keeps A Client Company, May 1988

American Bison Charge Through Heavy Snow In Yellowstone National Park, November 1967

A Wave Of Rock Shaped By Wind And Rain Towers Above A Plain In Western Australia, September 1963

Young Lovers Embrace Beside The Arc De Triomphe In Paris, 1960

A Young Kenyan Woman Holds Her Pet Deer In Mombassa, March 1909

A Woman Stands In Front Of Her Flower Stand On The Rambla In Barcelona, Spain, March 1929

Tourists Explore Massive Dead Tree With Tunnel Cut Out For A Road In Sequoia National Forest, May 1951

A Flock Of Birds Fly Up From An Enclosed Courtyard In Old Havana, December 1987

A Man Herds Sheep With The Help Of His Collies In Scotland, 1919

Locals Relax By The Tulip Fields Along The Canal In Haarlem, The Netherlands, 1931

Loggers And The Giant Mark Twain Redwood Cut Down In California, 1892

Roaring Out Of Auyan-tepui’s Wall, A Waterfall Plummets Over 3,000 Feet In Venezuela, March 1963

A Man Examines The Teeth Of A 10-month-old Alaskan Malamute Puppy Near The South Pole, 1957

Boys Dressed Up In School Uniforms Pose With King Penguins At The London Zoo, 1953

John F. Kennedy’s Coffin Lies In State Beneath The Capitol’s Dome, November 1963

A Man Stands Dwarfed Under The Ape-ape Leaves Of Puohokamoa Gulch In Maui, Hawaii, 1924

Woman Adorned Like A Chinese Goddess Poses In A Garden In California, 1915

A Child Sitting On A Hereford Bull Near Pleasanton, California, 1926

A Shadow Of A Man Holding A Bicycle Is Cast On A Wall Near The Zambezi River, 1996

Cat And White Rat Abide In Peace. When Different Species Grow Up Together, They Often Lose Their Enmity, April 1964

Girls Standing In Water Holding Bunches Of American Lotus, Amana, Iowa, November 1938

Victoria Falls In Zambia

A Boy Sells Lemonade From His Front Yard Stand On Main Street In Aspen, Colorado, 1973

A Woodman Notches A Felled Tree’s Trunk For Sectioning In Western Australia, 1962

A Well-worn Stairway Leads To A House On Oahu’s North Shore, November 1979

A Sled Dog, Tied To A Whale Rib, Howls Under The Midnight Sun In Alaska, 1969

Astronaut Neil Armstrong Floats In His Space Suit In A Pool Of Water In 1967

The Statue Of Liberty Hails Dawn Over New York Harbor In 1978

Two Dancers In Costume Stand Between The Columns Of Poseidon’s Temple, Greece, 1930

A Sailor Gets A Tattoo On His Arm In Virginia

Men Observe The Giant Statues Of Easter Island In Polynesia, December 1922

A Woman Working On A Mosaic Of Mary And Baby Jesus In Vatican City

A Rainbow Arches Over Victoria Falls In Zimbabwe

Feral Cows Resting In A Playground, Tai O, Hong Kong 2014

Traffic Lights Are Made In Shreveport, Louisiana, And Sent Around The U.s. And Abroad, December 1947

Astronaut Bruce Mccandless Ii Floats A Few Meters Away From Space Shuttle Challenger During The Historic First Use Of A Nitrogen-propelled Manned Maneuvering Unit In 1984

The Wind Sculpts The Dunes Of The Sahara Desert In The Erg Bourarhet, Algeria, 1973

A Little Boy Is Dwarfed By A Supersized Cabbage In Matanuska Valley, Alaska, July 1959

Arizona Cowboys Play Sports To Pass The Time In Phoenix, 1955

Women Carry Baskets On Their Heads While Children Play In Kotaka, Mali, 1991

Motorists Pass People On A Scenic Road Atop A Cliff Overlooking A Bay Near Trieste, Italy, 1956

Women Enjoy The Benefits Of A Heated Whirlpool In Saint Petersburg, Florida, 1973

Princess Grace Kelly In Monaco, 1962

Four Boys Bob For Apples In Martinsburg, West Virginia, 1939

A Passageway In Algeria

A Solitary Fisherman’s Home Keeps Watch On Quiet Placentia Bay In Newfoundland, Canada, 1974

A Wealthy Group Of Young People Relax By A Pool In California, 1940

Men Blast Granite To Build Tunnels For A Hydroelectric Project In Australia, 1963

The First Explorers To Descend To The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Were Don Walsh And Jacques Piccard In The Bathyscaphe Trieste, January 23, 1960. 52 Years Later, James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenger Journeyed To The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench, Nearly 7 Miles Below Sea Level

A Young Girl Plays In A Replica Of A Lunar-module In Toronto, Canada, August 1975

Women Sit In A Modern Chic Boutique In Casablanca, 1971

A Man Burns Prickly Pear To Feed Cattle During A Drought In Texas

Flamingos Standing And Feeding In A Pool Near Salt Beds

Children Read A Sylvan Drew Circus Billboard, 1931

A Girl Sits By A Lake With Snow-capped Mountains In The Background, California, 1929

Pedestrians Walk On Bustling Dotombori Street In Osaka, Japan, March 1970

A Combination Sand And Rain Storm Batters A Lone Automobile In Kuwait, May 1969

St. Lawrence River, Canada, 197

A Welder Works On Cowls For Liberty Ships In California, 1942

A Balloon From Anchorage, Alaska, Flies Over Cook Inlet, 1986

An Egyptian Belly Dancer Performs For Tourists In A Nightclub In Cairo, 1972

A Man Sells Goldfish In Baggies Tied To A Tree Branch In Beirut, Lebanon, February 1983

Dozens Of Visitors Frolic In The Water As Seen Through A Palm Frond In Acapulco, Mexico, 1964

People Sunbathe Beside A Swimming Pool In Charlotte, North Carolina, 1941

Four Entwined Cobras, 1970

Children Play In Pool They Have Dug Out Of The Sand On The Beach In Le Havre, France, 1936

The Huge Gate Of Heavenly Peace, The Main Entrance To The Forbidden City In Beijing, Looms In The Dusty Early Morning Haze Which Partially Obscures The Sun. This View, Taken From Tiananmen Square, Shows The Tiny Figures Of People Walking Along The Main Thoroughfare Leading To The Gate, 1978

Two Women Give Food To A Red And Green Macaw In A City Garden In Brazil, 1944

Personifying Evil, A Costumed Mapico Dancer In Mozambique Hides From Spectators, 1964

Surfers Overpopulate The Waves Off Of Bondi Beach In Australia, 1963

A Dromedary Camel And Rider In The Peach Blossom Festival In Fort Valley, Georgia, May 1925





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