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Instead Of Treating Cancer, 90-Year-Old Woman Hits The Road (30 pics)

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2015 was not a happy year for this 90 y.o. grandmother from Michigan who is called Norma. First she lost her husband of 67 years and several days later she got news that she had a cancerous mass in her uterus. When it came to choosing her treatment options between chemo, surgery or radiation, she said to her doctors: “I’m ninety years old. I’m hitting the road.”

She started to document her trip and to post her photos on Facebook.

It seems fitting to begin by showing a quick stop to Disney World’s Epcot!!

She really is a Viking warrior in her own right

At only 5 ft. tall and 100 lbs. Norma has an unbelievable amount of energy.

Hot air ballooning was a wonderful first for Norma.

New Orleans, here Norma comes!

The National WWII Museum

Never too old for a snowball fight

No time to hold back on food now. Norma wants to try it all!

When you ask for cheesy smile from these two, this is what you get!

A stop to the Kennedy Space Center

First fist bump

Rolling down the Baja as their travels continue

The incredible view in Skull Valley, Arizona.

“A good beer with a hint of honey! I’ll have another, I think it’s good!”

Blue Earth, Minnesota

St. Augustine Fort.

It’s never too late to try your first Mimosa.

South Rim of the Grand Canyon, AZ.

Norma smiling all the way into 2016.

For the last six months, Norma has been traveling around the United States with her family in a motor home. She has not experienced any pain and feels that her cancer may be going into remission. Stranger things have happened.

Suffering loss has given Norma some perfect perspective. “Keep praying every day and God will take care of you, even when it feels like you can’t care for yourself.” Her best advice is to talk about the happier times. “Storytelling is really, really helpful,” she said.

“Just keep on going every day, that’s about it,” she advises. According to her Facebook page, she aspires to go to the moon. And what little we now know about Norma, there’s nothing stopping her.

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