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Pretty Darn Good Gallery of Captivating Pictures (31 pics)

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3D printed ultrasound for blind expectant mother

Bugatti employee working with a Veyron engine

This is how Uruguayans wait in line in 93°F weather

The good old days before vaccines ruined our children

Something for all dog owners to consider

What is Gained When Tipping is Eliminated

A young Carrie Fisher with her mother Debbie Reynolds

John Travolta’s house

Osama Bin Laden at Oxford in 1971

Tianhe-2, current title holder of worlds most powerful supercomputer

Injured Toucan receives a 3D printed beak

Hand of Michael Strahan’s, ex NFL player who played as Defensive End for 15 years

Soldiers coming home

LeBron James’ Foot

Conor McGregor weighing in at 145lbs for the Aldo fight vs 168lbs for the Diaz fight

Vantablack -the blackest material ever created which absorbs more then 99.96% of light, covering a bronze statue

Ludovic Lazareth LM847 Motorcycle: Powered by a 470hp Maserati Engine

The €2.4 million Bugatti Chiron

Interior of the new Bugatti Chiron

1,500hp engine used in the new Bugatti Chiron

You know you’re a badass when you carry a holstered attack dog

Titanium Teeth

Whole Foods Is Ridiculous

Real Life GTA: U.S. Army veteran Shawn Timothy Nelson drives a M60A3 Patton tank on a slow paced police chase through San Diego, CaliforniaMay 17, 1995

The McLaren factory is super clean

Eminem’s hand written lyrics for Lose Yourself

99 million year old lizard trapped in amber

An $8 million Monet painting after a man punched it

This happened in 2012 in the National Gallery of Ireland. It took two years to repair. The guy who did it (Andrew Shannon) claimed that he accidentally hit it when he fell. Security cameras showed otherwise. He was sentenced to six years.

The painting is Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat (1874).

JFK’s Harvard Application Essay Is Only 5 Sentences Long (article)

The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several. I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. Then too, I would like to go to the same college as my father. To be a “Harvard man” is an enviable distinction, and one that I sincerely hope I shall attain.

April 23, 1935 John F. Kennedy

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