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Well Played, Well Played Indeed (30 pics)

Posted in Funny » Humor   11 Mar 2016   / 16253 views

This plaque denoting no event.

The actual end of a rainbow.

This store that sells things at all prices.

This Subway restaurant in an old subway station.

The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is hollow.

This hot sauce which has another brand of hot sauce as the main ingredient.

This enormous door with a tiny handle.

This blue stop sign.

This keypad has two 8 keys.

This elevator with a dedicated Earthquake button.

This restaurant with headstones to remember the previous occupants of the location.

This outlet with an on/off switch 2 feet away.

This bus shelter underneath an actual shelter.

This sign made from an optical trick.

This tree glowing with embers after a lighting strike.

This canopy that never touches.

This restaurant that is decorated to appear to be outside.

These trees bent by a vent.

This red light in the middle of nowhere.

The nicest “wet floor” sign ever made.

These leaves kept alive in winter by a nearby lamp.

This sign instructing deliveries to ignore G.P.S.

This door made just for children.

This urinal with a sink.

These path lights glowing through the snow.

This sticker that is hard to read, but shadow that is easy.

This sign that seemingly quotes a fire extinguisher.

This moment in the middle of the night when lightening struck.

This one independent sunflower.

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