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Different Odd And Interesting Things People Found On The Beach (23 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird   15 Mar 2016   / 6297 views

A car stuck in Alaska

Egg shaped seaweed appeared on Sydney's Dee Why Beach in Australia

Megalodon teeth

A mini C-3PO holding all the wedding bands found on the beach

An unknown message found in Banje beach, Croatia

A couple from Kent, England dug up a 24-carat gold bar worth £500 on the beach. German artist Michael Sailstorfer hid 30 bars as part of a project

Beautiful beach glass

Shell shades in North Captiva Island, Florida

A 22.5-carat gold ring with Colombian emeralds from a 1715 Spanish fleet

Treasure hunters found a WWII military dog tag on a Massachusetts' beach. The tag belonged to Cpl. William Benn; he served in the Air Force

A piece of emerald found in Vero Beach, Florida

A collection of fishing lures

A statue on its lion in Georgetown, Guyana

Tons of timber washed on to the shore of Worthing Beach, Sussex in the United Kingdom

Giant gastropod egg capsules seem to have swam to Mar de Plata, Argentina

Containers washed onto the beach in Tauranga, New Zealand

An old but still colorful toy truck

Squirt from Finding Nemo

Ken Wilman along with his dog found a large piece of whale vomit in North Wales. Ambergris is a product used in high-end perfumes

Sea glass, key, and bits of pottery made their way onto a rock

Retiree Brian Murray discovered in Murlogh beach, Ireland, Roman gold rings dating back to the 4th or 5th century

A patriotic message from the sea

A motorcycle lost in a tsunami in Japan appeared 4,000 miles away on Graham Island, British Columbia


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