A Day In The Life Of A Young Mom Documented With A Selfie Stick (26 pics)

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This woman decided to make a photo project to show what it is like to be a mom from morning till night and all what she goes through every day. It is clear that taking care of your own baby is not a picnic.


Some mornings start at 9, some start at 5

I wake up from realizing that air around me is throbbing with life, and all I have left is to pour myself into it

I still use the most natural product to feed Vasilisa. Best food you can get in Moscow

I never ever stay alone, I mean never

Vas’ka likes to be with me and nothing can stop her. Well, almost nothing. It makes me happy, at least we will have long evenings together and chat about things when she grows up.

Sometimes she gets tired from our morning conversations and I get a chance to go back to some unfinished morning business

Sleep sessions are short, so I try to finish my body procedures fast, best all at once

I try to follow the right diet in our family, so giving healthy and balanced food in time is important

Vasilisa is very little and hasn’t read all the wise books on the matter, so I try to convince her myself. For now, she pays attention and agrees with my point

We are also together while cooking, I am at the table and she is under

After breakfast Vasilisa helps me look after our balcony garden. She gets a chance to floss all three of her teeth

We love to go out, especially the dressing part to look nice and beautiful

Standing in the clinic queue is never boring, I always have a toy or two in my pocket

Walking at a playground, I always come away with useful tips and tricks on upbringing, healthcare and nutrition from well-read moms. More advanced mommies are always there

We went to beauty salon located in the basement on the way back, my daughter is always fascinated and never bored in here

Diapers, tissues and crèmes – how could we live without these before?

Vasilisa knows her clothes, she is only chewing price tags of her favorite brands

I try to help my elder daughter to be more fashionable

When I was younger I used to dye my hair using green antiseptic every Russian know about. Brilliant green washed over my head not exactly the way I wanted.

We always dine together, each of us enjoying the table of her own

Vasilisa is very neat, she loves to eliminate every good supper aftermath

Household duties aren’t going anywhere. My youngest always helps me

She loads and unloads the washing, suggests the best way to hang it, supervises me ironing dad’s shirts

I always try to follow her advice

If I finish my housework in good time, I might have time enough to look on my computer and maybe even check my emails. But usually I just look at the computer

Vasilisa is concerned about my hygiene, so the bathroom door is always open for her to check if I use enough soap

She herself prefers bubble baths

Vasilisa loves me dearly, and she is fond of playing with me. After midnight I get a bit tired, try not to show though. So as not to upset her too much

Credits:  jskorobogatova.com




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