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Myspace Celebrity Profiles That Are A Pure Embarrassment (17 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs   18 Mar 2016   / 5745 views

First, we have Rihanna.

Nice picture. The background matches her eyes. But where was she playing her music?

In malls.

In case you can’t make that out:“rihanna i love you so much i live in hoboken nj and i really want to see u in the mall on the 25th and i wanted to kno wut time u gonna be there pllzzzz get back to me”

Too bad Myspace didn’t have spellcheck.

Now we have Kendall Jenner.

Please not that her user name was “horsegirl.” And apparently she was hyper.

As for Kylie...

Apparently she “rocked.”

Who is Lizzy Grant?

That would be Lana Del Rey, because that is her real name.  And her interests?

Britney Spears, motorcycles, poison, and morphine.

Hello Kim!

Or should I say, “Princess Kimberly,” seeing as her url was “kimsaprincess” and her header quote said “I’m a PRINCESS and you’re not so there!”

And her Top 8?

Ray J was only #4, because apparently she was a rebel against the “your boyfriend should always be #1 in your top 8″ assumption.

Oh, Katy Perry...

I’m thinking she wishes she could take back the headline of “Ya know it’ hard out thur 4 a Pimp.”

Here's what you NEED to know.

She was obsessed with roller-skating, miniature gold, garage sales, estate sales, camping, and theme parties.

It really IS hard out there for a pimp, yo.

Finally, Harry Styles, who was like, 12 or something.

“Hey dad! Can I have a sip of your wine?”

His bio:

Who doesn’t want to meet Superman?

If you posted a picture with a girl, that made you cool, right?

Here we have Taylor Swift’s first Myspace picture.

Sweet and innocent enough, but what does she say in her bio?

Pull up a chair. She got wordy.

But the best part?

Works of art, y'all!

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