Crazy Jobs That Actually Exist And Every One Would Love To Have (11 pics)

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Hotel Reviewer

You can bring in about $48,000 a year just by travelling the world to try out different hotels and give your feedback!

Luxury Bed Tester

Yes, you read that right. Hotels do in fact pay people to test their beds and room lighting as well as their sound-proof walls. You can also get contracted by luxury bed companies to test their beds before they make their way into hotels. This job can allegedly bring in $5,600 a month.

Bikini Wearer

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, creators of A Bikini A Day created a pretty sweet gig. They get paid to travel to some of the worlds best beaches and wear a different bikini every day for their blog!

Netflix Grammaster

You can rack $2,000 a week just for visiting different film studios and instagramming behind the scenes shots of Netflix shows being filmed. That is the dream right there.

Professional Line Sitter

You know those massive lines at every iPhone release? Professional line sitters can make $25 an hour to stand in line for someone who can’t be there or is too lazy!

Panda Nanny

This job exists at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an. Nannies make $32 000 per year (plus food, board and the use of a car). In order to apply, you have to be over 22 years old, have writing and photography skills, and some knowledge of Pandas.

Seat Filler

These are the people that are selected to sit near celebs at sporting events in order to make the row look full on TV.

Private Island Caretaker

This job mainly requires you to sit on the beach and soak up the sun all day on a sweet private island. But when it comes to actual work, you need to be making sure that the place is all good to go when the owners come visit! You can make approximately 120k a year doing this.

Fake Executive

In Western China, you can rake in $1,000 a week by pretending to be an executive. All you have to do is attend important events and give a few speeches.

Water Slide Tester

Want a job travelling the world to try out different water slides? So long as you have a certificate degree, you can bring in anywhere from 17-56k a year getting soaked and having a blast.

Ice Cream Scooper in the Caribbean

This one isn’t all about the money, really. A young New Yorker told Cosmopolitan that she quit her 95k a year job to scoop ice cream for 10 bucks an hour in the Caribbean. She said ”But the truth is, I was happier scooping mint chocolate chip for $10 an hour than I was making almost six figures at my previous corporate job. It was calming to work with my hands. I met new people constantly, talking face-to-face instead of communicating via email and instant messaging”. This falls nicely under the category “Things that money can’t buy”.





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