Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (49 pics)

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How they clean the windows in the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh

Where lightning struck in a forest

Chris Pratt, homeless, living in his van, holding the script to his first acting job

Pratt dropped out of a local community college halfway through the first semester and, after working as a discount ticket salesman and a daytime stripper, he ended up homeless in Maui, sleeping in a van and in a tent on the beach.

“It’s a pretty awesome place to be homeless. We just drank and smoked weed and worked minimal hours, just enough to cover gas, food, and fishing supplies.”He recalled listening to the Dr. Dre album 2001 daily to the point where he knew “every word to that album”

Daisy Duke. The inventor of Daisy Dukes

Talons of a Crowned Eagle

Google maps is mapping hiking trails now

The most depressing city I ever seen, Norilsk, Russia

A mechanic made a mistake while unparking this Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Taking a selfie with Egypt Air hijacker

Woman shopping among Black Lives Matter protestors

300 year old library in Dublin, Ireland

Stripper in Clearwater, FLA showing the judge that her bikini briefs were too large to expose her vagina to the undercover cops that arrested her. The case was dimissed.

Interior of the 1985 Nissan CUE-X concept

The most-viewed porn categories by women

Charlie Murphy & Rick James

Winston Churchill’s Doctor wrote him a prescription for booze when he visited the USA during the alcohol prohibition days

Rihanna’s face after Chris Brown attack

Chinese explorer Zheng He’s ship compared to Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria. Both lived and sailed at the same time

Guide dog puppy in training wearing his specially made puppy harness to prepare him for his big boy harness

An American Veteran committed suicide recently by setting himself on fire in front of his local Veterans Affairs building in New Jersey.

A house in Nevada

The Oval Office before a new president personalizes it

Iraqi soldier sketching a photo of his fiancé while on the front lines against ISIS

Molding The New Ford GT

The evolution of spacecraft cockpits: 1964-2014

This School IDs have these on the back. Every school needs THIS

A Man Trying to Cross the United States – Mexican Border

You will find Thor’s Well resides in the good old US of A in Oregon.

This monk prayed so hard for 20 years that his feet created a mold in the wood.

Lightning is both beautiful and pretty damn terrifying.

This Opal captures an incredible sunset-like landscape.

Forget crop circles, ice shapes are what the aliens are making these days.

This turtle decided to hitch a ride on a jelly fish that looks like a car tire.

It gets a lot scarier when you realize this is a meteorite from outer space. They are coming for us.

You've seen eclipses from earth, but have you seen one from outer space?

Birds escape a mysterious smoke that rises in the distance.

The stillness of the water creates an incredible effect at this temple in Kyoto Japan.

These clouds loom over our earth casting incredible shadows.

One tree to rule them all – the tallest tree in the world, Hyperion.

This image of the Orion Nebula is the clearest one that has ever been taken.

Faces of college wrestling

Stephen Curry is killin it this season!

8X Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman in a suit

Romania’s National Football team wearing math calculations instead of numbers to promote math to kids

This dude has like 0% Body Fat

Wilt Chamberlain during his days at Overbrook High school

Selfie of German track cyclist Robert Förstemann

European Football: Before & After Lionel Messi

Jupiter’s Moon Io Casts a Shadow as It Transits Jupiter

Credits:  cavemancircus.com




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