A Basement Room Turned Into An Awesome DIY Home Cinema (51 pics)

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A couple had an extra space in their basement they call "The Dungeon" and they decided to make a cozy and nice place to relax and watch some movies. Their DIY home theater turned out super great. Check it out.


“So here’s where we started – a room under our house which we called “The Dungeon”. Full of junk left over after moving in. We left it like this for nearly a year while deciding what to do with the room.”

“Before we get into the cinema project lets clean up the entrance.”

“Knock down the old retaining wall.”

“Build a new one, get some stones.”

“Begin building some cupboards so we wouldn’t lose all our storage.”

“We went with an L-shaped couch design.”

“Finished off the couch. I made the dimensions such that 3 single mattresses would fill the area. Bonus that it can double as a space for my friends to crash.”

“We bought some LED strip lighting off ebay to run around the room. We really love how it lights up the bluestone wall here.”

“And they also light up under the couch. You can see we added some stones which we thought was a cool effect with the lights on.”

“This photo is about halfway during the initial build. Most of the structural stuff complete, now to make it feel like a cinema.”

“We wanted to make it feel like you weren’t in a basement and wanted the flooring to be durable, so we went with fake grass. We both play golf so it made the room a bit cooler for us a the same time.”

“And here we go! Fairy lights added around the roof edge, wine added under the couch. New cushions and padding too.”

“Bar fully stocked. PS There are lots of little touches I haven’t included to try and keep the album size down. These features, especially the new cushions, curtains and entrance were only finished in the last week.”

“7.1 surround sound speakers! The benefit of the dungeon is that we can turn it up really loud and you can barely hear it from the outside.”

“So there you go! All done! My wife and I love using this space and as you can see we keep adding whenever we can. It’s perfect for escaping the heat and chilling out with a movie on a hot day during the summer or entertaining friends and family with movie nights during the winter. In particular we love using it for our regular Game Of Thrones nights…which by the way…”

“…are only just around the corner!”

Credits:  imgur.com


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