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What Girls Get When They Have A Tall Boyfriend (20 pics + 3 gifs)

Posted in Lifestyle » Body art   12 Apr 2016   / 5376 views

Your selfies are not good.

You often have to decide whether you’d prefer to include the top of his head or the bottom of your chin.

They rarely feature both of you.

And even when you both look, your photographs will not.

Forget taking a photograph that includes both your outfits and your faces.

But your hugs are incredibly cosy.

Sorry to be mushy, but hugging a very tall man is very nice.

And so are his jumpers.

His trousers, however, are off limits.

Your boyfriend looks very silly when he hangs out with small members of your family, like your grandparents.

You’ll get used to his height when it’s just the two of you, but it’ll surprise you again when he stands near small people.

But he is the literal dream gig partner.

Long car journeys are not your friend.

You will always end up sitting in the middle. Even if your own legs are quite long.

And getting the train with your boyfriend means you always end up squished in the window seat, while he stretches out in the aisle.

And don’t even get me started on who gets the aisle seat on planes.

Your boyfriend will always change your lightbulbs…

… hold the umbrella…

…and reach for the stuff at the top of your kitchen cupboards.

But this is a power he can (and will) abuse.

This gets really annoying if you own biscuits that your boyfriend wants all to himself and stores them out of your reach.

That said, he can pick you up and crack your back whenever you need, which is nice.

This sounds gross but is actually very pleasant.

There are some things you will really struggle to do together. Like camping.

And taking baths.

Your bath hardly fits one of you in it; how would you ever both squeeze in?

Sometimes you have to really concentrate on walking fast so you can keep up with him.

If your height difference is over five inches, you’ll find yourself jogging more often than you’d like.

But you will always be able to spot him in a crowd.

So even when he kicks you under the dinner table…

…and adjusts your shower head for the millionth time…

…you know that having a tall boyfriend is the best.


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