Interesting Historical Photographs (44 pics)

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American POW Lt. Col. Robert Stirm is reunited with his family after 6 years March 17, 1973

Despite outward appearances, the reunion was an unhappy one for Stirm. It is depressing to read that three days before the picture was taken Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm received a letter from his wife that she wanted a divorce. His wife took 140,000 of his pay while he was a POW, took his two younger kids, house, car, 40% of his future pension, and $300 a month in child support. She had to pay back only $1500 of his money used on trips with other men. He fought and lost against her in court. He then had to live with his mom in San Francisco taking care of his older kids. It looks more like Prisoner of Wife.

Tom Torlino, a Navajo youth, as he entered the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in 1882, and three years later. The school was one of several federally funded boarding schools designed to immerse native children in white culture. Its stated goal: “Kill the Indian, save the man.”

A Group of Samurai in front of Egypt’s Sphinx, 1864

The Moulin Rouge nightclub at Montmarte, Paris, 1923

Girl looks out over the ruins of Warsaw, 1945 

Warsaw was the most destroyed city in WWII. Manila was second. Not Berlin or Tokyo, or Hiroshima, experienced the same level of destruction as Warsaw.

Bill Murray at John Belushi’s funeral in 1982

U.S. Army Pvt. Elvis Presley (3rd from left) raises his arms along with several other inductees at Fort Chaffee, Ark, 1958

General William Tecumseh Sherman atop his steed Lexington at Federal Fort No. 7, two miles from Atlanta, 1864. A racehorse known for being the fastest four-mile thoroughbred in the U.S., Sherman rode Lexington throughout his scorched-earth Savannah campaign, the March to the Sea.

A radioman comforts his friend who just survived a battle during Operation Byrd in which nearly his entire platoon was wiped out Co. A, 2/7, 1st Cav. Div. (Airmobile) 1966.

Wesel, Germany shows the effects of carpet bombing by the Allies, 1945

The Beatles Making The Cover For Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, 30th March 1967

Marie Doro – Actress June 1902

A display of US small arms at Fort Benning 1950

Two lumberjacks and a big tree in the Pacific Northwest 1915

Two Germans accused of having violated the law against sexual relations between Jews and Gentiles – Hamburg The woman’s sign: “At this place I am the greatest swine for I laid with a Jew” The man’s: As a Jewish youth I always take only German girls to my room” , Germany, July 27, 1933 

The Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour prohibited marriages and extramarital intercourse between Jews and Germans, and forbade the employment of German females under 45 in Jewish households. The Reich Citizenship Law declared that only those of German or related blood were eligible to be Reich citizens; the remainder were classed as state subjects, without citizenship rights

Holy Communion in NYC, 1944 by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Jewish service in Joseph Goebbels’ former residence (circa 1945)

The Star Trek cast with the Space Shuttle Enterprise in 1976.

A woman inside of a BASF gas engine power house in 1917.

The Lenin Ironworks Foundry in, Nowa Huta, Poland, sometime in 1953.

The day before Prohibition went into effect in Chicago, crowds flooded the liquor stores to get their share.

The first on-screen Batman and Robin, aka the actors Lewis G. Wilson and Douglas Croft.

Director Alfred Hitchcock on the set of The Birds in 1963.

R&D tobacco testing on a sad looking beagle in 1963.

Southern Swedish Sami standing outside of a turf hut, sometime between 1885 and 1892.

Two officers in the 588th "Night Witches" Bomber Regiment, the USSR's most decorated female unit in World War II. They only flew biplanes, and each female pilot in the union went on at least 800 missions.

Men and women in costume (the men are dressed as crawfish) during Houston's No-tsu-oh Festival in 1913.

Lee Harvey Oswald as a young marine in the late fifties.

John F. Kennedy delivering a campaign speech in Logan County, West Virginia, standing on a kitchen stool.

Young Berber woman of Tunisia in the early 1900s.

Two French and a British soldiers with a pig which they brought back during the retreat in 1918.

Film producer Mike Todd Jr with Hans Laube, the inventor of Smell-O-Vision. The device injected at least 30 odors into a movie theater, triggered by the film's soundtrack.

At the 50th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, Union (left) and Confederate (right) veterans shake hands.

A Japanese woman combing her hair, sometime between 1863 and 1877.

A view of Central Park in Havana, Cuba in 1928.

Allied WWII soldiers standing on a captured Schwerer Gustav railway siege gun.

Kids looking after grazing cows near Auschwitz, 1959.

Three Soviet women guerrillas in action in Russia during World War II.

Amsterdam riot police having a show of force in 1966.

President Ronald Reagan aiming a rifle at a window aboard Air Force One in 1983.

Charles, Diana, William and Harry in 1984.

Young people near the Tempelhof Air Forse Base, where US Air Force transport planes brought in supplies during World War II.

Patty Duke on the set of the Miracle Worker, with the real-life Hellen Keller.

Los Angeles celebrating the beginning of electric distribution in 1916. Here, the first power pole is being installed on the corner of Pasadena Avenue and Piedmont Street.




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