Vintage Colorized Photos Of Russia And Its People Taken Between 1900-1965 (61 pics)

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Old photos sure look better when colorized, it is if history came alive. And it is thanks to Russian Flickr user klimbims that this was possible. He’s done an amazing job worth looking at.


Family Nicholas Ii Of Russia, 1914

Russian Sniper Roza Shanina

Grand Duchess Maria Of Russia, 1906

Yuri Gagarin With His Matra Bonnet Djet Vs Coupe, 1965

Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Soviet Sniper During World War II. Credited With 309 Kills, She Is Regarded As The Most Successful Female Sniper In History, 1940

The First Passengers Of The Moscow Metro, 1935

Worker And Supervisor, Car Factory, Moscow, 1954

Gymnasium Girls, Imperial Russia, 1900-1917

The Four Romanov Daughters With Their Mother Tsarina Alexandra, 1913

Russian Soldiers In Berlin 1945

Russian Family, Ekaterinburg Region, Siberia In The Late 19th Century

Jose Raul Capablanca Vs Alexander Alekhine, 1913

Yekaterina Ryabova, Russian Military Pilot, Heroine Of The Soviet Army, 1945

Soviet Athletes In Moscow, 1937

A Man With A Group Of Russian Children, 1940

102nd Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, 1943

Soldier Waves A Soviet Flag, Berlin, 1945

Anti Tank Artilery, 1940s

Soviet Sniper Semyon Nomokonov With His Famous Smoking Pipe, 1942

Lydia Litvyak During The World War I, 1941

Romanov Sisters And Their Mother Tsarina Alexandra Working In A Military Hospital During Worl War I

Nicholas II Of Russia In The Uniform Of The Life-guards 4th The Imperial Family’s Rifle Regiment, 1912

Saint John Of Kronstadt

Group Of The Sisters Of Charity In The Dining Room During Lunch, Rhe Herbovets Community, 1900s

Mikhail Bulgakov, 1928

Maria Dolina, Hero Pilot Of The Soviet Union, 1945

Tank Driver Mikhail Smirnov, 1944

Olga And Tatiana Romanov, 1900s

A Young Russian Bride, 1903

Tashkent, 1930

Berlin, 1945

Reaper, 1914

A Russian Man Stand By A Ford-a Made In The Ussr, 1930

Russian Ballet Dancer Galina Ulanova In Swan Lake, Ca, 1930

Easter At The Front, The Letter Symbolize The Fraze "Christ Is Risen", 1916

Russian Actor Nikolai Rybnikov In “Spring On Zarechnaya Street”, 1956

Grand Duchesses Olga And Tatiana Romanov In Livadia, Crimea, 1914

Anti Tank Artillery Soldiers, 1943

Red Cross Personnel Attending To Wounded Soldiers On A Russian Battlefield, WWI

Soviet Car In The May Day Parade In Tel Aviv, 1947

La Comtesse Elisabeth Moussine-Pouchkine, 1903

Grigori Rasputin, 1904

Air Squadron Commander Of The 124th Fighter Regiment Alexander Pronin, 1942

Soviet Air Force Officers Rufina Gasheva And Nataly Meklin, World War II

Arseny Tarkovsky, 1907

Soviet Sailors Raise The Ussr’s Naval Ensign Over Port-Artur, 1945

Nurse, 1914-1916

Traffic Controllers, Wolchow Front, 1943

Nikolay Felixovich Yusupov, Prince Nicholas, Eldest Son Of Princess Zenaida And Prince Feli

Russian Soldiers Pose Before The Attack, 1916

Lenin, 1900

Berlin, 1945

Pilots And Air-gunners Of The 566th Assault Aviation Regiment, 1944

Soviet Sniper Lyubov Makarova (left), Hero Of The Soviet Union Dmitry Nazarenko (right)

Soviet Soldiers Are Monitoring The Movement Of German Troops Near Sevastopol, Crimea, 1941

Natalia Meklin (kravtsova), Sofia Burzaeva, Polina Gelman, 1943

‘Red Corner’ At A Recruiting Station, Galich, Kostroma Region, 1931

Captain Alexander G. Pronin And Major Sergei Stepanovich Bukhteyev Aboard A Plane, 1943

Friends, 1934

Anti Tank Artilery, 1940s

Russian Pilot During The World War I, 1918




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