A Few Interesting Photos from History (50 pics)

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A scene from the 1980 Atari's National Space Invaders Championship.

This science fair project, entitled "The Effects of LSD on Fish," was submitted by a 10th grade California student in 1972.

A colorized portrait of Brigitte Bardot in 1950.

The crowded -- and extraordinarily well-dressed streets of London in the 1900s.

The first cable car crossing over Niagara Falls in 1916.

Chevy Chase High School's Home Economics class, photographed sometime in 1935.

Gilbert Kerr, a member of the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition, serenading an Emperor penguin in 1904.

Volunteer fire fighters in 1870s Istanbul.

Fidel Castro holds up a newspaper with a story about a plot to kill him, which happened in 1959.

A vintage Coca-Cola magazine advertisement from 1960.

Opening day at Disneyland, 1955.

Damage from a wind storm in Times Square, 1912.

A 1936 BMW Schneekrad snow machine parked on the street.

Rosie Ruiz, the first woman to cross the Boston Marathon finish line. Unfortunately, she cheated: Ruiz took the train for part of the race.

A cool old Toyota Corolla advertisement.

A Japanese woman carries her son on her back as she marks her ballot. This was in the first free election in 1946 Tokyo.

Jimi Hendrix in his kitchen at 34 Montagu Square, London, 1967.

An American B17 drops food over Schiphol Airport during operation Chow Hound in 1945


The Chalk Games in New York City, taken in 1950.

During World War II, British troops are pictured handling mines and booby trap devices using a blind screen.

The front of Chicago's Navy Pier, back in 1965 when it was the University of Illinois.

Apollo 11 mission officials celebrate the spacecraft's successful launch on July 16, 1969.

The Tower of the Sun, created by Japanese artist Tarō Okamoto, shown here in 1970.

The first known photograph of someone giving the finger -- can you spot him?

The exact moment five year old Harold Whittles hears for the very first time after doctors place an aid in his left ear.

Princess Lee Radziwill and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, photographed in Italy in1962.

Two waiters serve steel workers lunch on a girder above the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in 1930s NYC.

Women in France cultivating fields during World War I.

A Turkish building his new home from the ruins of Aleshir Turkey in 1923.

Nikola Tesla in his lab

U.S. chess prodigy, Bobby Fisher, plays 50 opponents simultaneously. He won 47, lost 1 & drew 2.

Alfred Hitchcock directs the MGM roaring lion

Louis Armstrong serenades his wife at the Sphinx

Salvador Dalí paints an abstract portrait of 25-year-old Raquel Welch

Johnny Cash’s famous performance at Folsom Prison

Jim Henson and crew working on Sesame Street

Hunter S. Thompson escapes to Big Sur, California to write

The Monty Python crew partaking in tomfoolery

Pablo Picasso painting with light in 1949

Bill Watterson draws Calvin and Hobbes

Stanley Kubrick sneaks a photo over Jack Nicholson’s shoulder

Nat King Cole twinkles on the piano

Ella Fitzgerald sings for Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman

Tom Waits goes airborne

Tony Hawk at a local skate park in the 1980s

A young Bob Dylan jams on a stoop

John Lennon leads The Quarry Men. Paul Mccartney watches from the crowd July 6, 1957

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs at work on the very first Apple computer 1976

Jimi Hendrix playing with the 101st Airborne while stationed in Kentucky

Jackson Pollock painting in his studio




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