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Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (37 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   12 May 2016   / 7956 views

Navy SEAL Underwater Training

Man consoling an orphaned gorilla

Military Jeep in a crate

A buffet restaurant’s sign

This room is for testing antennas

Trump with no tan and no hair

German police officer

President Bush preparing his response to the 9/11 Attacks on September 11, 2001

Concert in the recently recaptured from ISIS control ancient city of Palmyra, Syria

Welcome to Rio: Man gets pickpocketed while being stopped by police for theft

Smoking vs Non Smoking

The father of a car accident victim hugging the drunk-driving teen who caused the crash

This guy's office is above a cafe.

Triple rainbow in Oswego, NY.

This car door looks like an UFO above the forest.

This is a network of tunnels wood mites made on a piece of tree bark.

Ice melted over pictures but not over white paper.

This college has a vending machine for violin strings and woodwind reeds.

The way these two local businesses combined their billboards.

This arrow didn't pop the balloon.


On the flight to Denver there was 1 cloud.

Upside-down house in Malaysia.

Chewing gum bin made from recycled chewing gum.

This is what 15 years of rust accumulation looks like in a 1" water pipe.

Dog found a large pile of carrots in the woods.

These two copies of Rush Hour 2 have the actors flipped.

Popcorn on the cob.

Office with a slide in central London.

This egg's yolk sac remained intact after being cracked.

This mall has a river in the middle of it and the ceiling is painted like the sky.


Pikachu made of sticky notes.

5 parked Honda Odysseys in a row.

This pack has the wrong amount of markers in it.

Woman with heterochromia iridum, a condition where the irises of both eyes are differently colored.

Creepy chandelier made out of doll hair.

Women Basketball Players vs Cheerleaders

On Valentine’s Day in 1990 someone stole MJ’s #23 game jersey prior to his match against the Orlando Magic resulting in him having to wear the #12. He still put up 49!

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