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Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (44 pics)

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Andre The Giant on a plane

Deadmau5 mask/helmet

Sniper’s ghillie suit

A girl followed her GPS into a lake

The oldest surviving World War 2 Veteran Richard Overton (110 years old) smoking a cigar, drinking whiskey and holding a Thompson Rifle at his birthday

A train during 4 seasons in Mongolia

The Backyard of a house for sale in Dallas, TX

“Only” $32 million. 8 BR, 18 baths, 37,000 square feet

The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was designed over fifty years ago and flew over 3.4 times the speed of sound. During the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese fired approximately 800 missiles at SR-71s, none of which managed to score a hit.

Blackbird Cockpit

Woman painted like a parrot

Best Buy sale ad from October 23, 1994

Top Pic is Alistair Overeem in 2011 vs Brock Lesner, the Bottom pic is from this weekend.

Tim Tebow – Rookie Hazing

Putin and Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko

A Military Jeep Neatly Packed in a Crate

From Doom to Boom

When Def Leppard Met the Deaf Leopards

The Color Distribution of a Party Size Skittles Bag

The Original Selfie Stick, 1934

Just Don’t

Your Car Photo is Inferior

White Castle

Artwork by Yuri Shwedoff

Long Exposure Rally Racing at Night

This Was Drawn in MS Paint

Sublime Bonsai Azalea

NASA’s Missile Row at Cape Canaveral, 1964

The Goblin Cave in Nevada’s Valley of Fire

The Skywalker

The Caves of Hercules, Morocco

Wizard Island, Oregon

Happy Easter from Space

Autumn Sandwich

The Ceiling Fresco at Seitenstetten Abbey, Austria

Overlooking Eixample from the Top of Sagrada Familia

Reinventing the Wheel

A Transparent Pool in Thailand

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