Reasons Why You Can't Trust Your Husbands (60 pics)

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When you ask your husband to do something be ready for some creative and hilarious fails.


Came Home To This Last Night

I Asked My Husband To Make A Shopping List

Walked On My Husband Walking The Cat Across The Ceiling While Singing "Spider Cat, Spider Cat Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does"

Last Night I Asked My Husband To Put Some Spaghetti On The Stove So I Could Start Dinner When I Got Home

Asked My Husband To Do A Lattice Over The Apple Pie I'm Making. This Is What He Came Back With

I Left My Husband Alone With The Baby For One Hour And Came Back To This

So I Asked My Husband To Buy 6 Potatoes

Wife Bought A Label Maker To Help Get Organized With Our New Daughter. I'm Already Finding It Helpful

My Husband Slid This Note Under The Bathroom Door. I Married Him For Good Reasons

Once Upon A Time, I Sent My Daughter And My Husband Off To Buy Her Some Nice New Clothes

So My Friend Asked Her Husband To Wrap At Least One Shirt, This Is What She Got

Asked My Husband To Watch The Baby

What Happens When I Send My Husband To The Store And There's An Ice Cream Sale

I Might Have To Kill My Husband

When You Ask Your Husband To Pack Your Lunch

My Husband Is An Asshole

I Am 5'1". I Asked My 6'2" Husband To Hang A Mirror For Me

My Dad Didn't Bother Reading The Card Before He Bought It

So Husband Reorganized Our Bookshelf

I Asked My Husband If He Could Pack My Lunch This Morning. I Told Him To Surprise Me. This Will Be Lovely With My 2:00 Coffee

Asked My Husband To (Hand) Whip Some Heavy Cream. Hear Strange Noises And Walk In On This

My Attentive Husband Playing With Our Daughter

My Wife Told Me To Play With Our Puppy More

My Friend Convinced Her Husband To Go To Wine And Palette With Her

I Leave My Husband With The Baby For Ten Minutes

Bedroom Is Really Sunny In The Morning. Found Husband Sleeping Like This

My Wife Didn't Appreciate My Fridge Magnet Poem

My Friends Wife Let Him Name Their New Puppy

What My Husband Left In The Fridge For Me This Morning

Asked My Husband To Do Laundry

My Husband Told Me That He Bought Me A Diamond Necklace

Our Daughter Really Wanted To Touch The Water But Couldn't Reach By Herself And This Was My Husband's Solution. Her Face Says It All

My Husband May Have Gone Too Far In Dressing Our Son Like An Old Man For School Today

My Husband Decided To Give Our Dog A Haircut

Asked My Husband To Pick Up Some Throw Pillows Today. These Are What He Brought Home

I'm 3 Months Pregnant With Our First Child, And Today My Husband Bought This Book "To Get Some Tips"

My Friends Husband Thought He Could Microwave His Shirt To Dry It Faster

Caught My Husband Red Handed. Thought He Was Working Out

As A Husband, I Decided To Make The Bed Properly

My Husband Turned Lambies Head Around. He Thinks He's So Funny

I Told My Husband To Buy "Some Tortillas." He Bought 40

My Husband Cleaned The Kitchen Today. I Think He Wants An Award

My Wife Asked Me To Peel Half Of The Potatoes And Put Them In The Pot. Mission Accomplished I'd Say

Husband Thought This Was A Suitable Message For Me

My Friend Was At Michael's With Her Husband

Why Husbands Should Not Be Left In Charge Of Elves On Shelves

So, I Told My Husband To Get Us A Nice Little Dog About 2 Years Ago. This Is The Pup And He's Not Done Growing

Going Away For The Weekend And I Asked My Husband To Pack A Bag For Our Daughter

My Husband Thinks It's Funny To Buy Dog Treats Disproportionate To The Size Of Our Dog

My Husband Is A Jerk. Yes Every Cookie Has A Bite Mark In It

This Is How My Husband Responds To His Cousin's Wedding Invitation

Offered To Clean The House For "Husband Points" While The Wife Was Out Of Town. Hired A Maid But Didn't Check The Work. Busted!

My Passive Aggressive Attempt At Telling My Wife That This Is Not Acceptable

So I Went To The Bathroom And Found This... Apparently My Husband Is 12 Years Old

Asked My Husband To Iron My Pants And He Gave Me 1980's Creases

My Husband Wanted To Make Dinner Tonight In The Crock Pot. Those Used To Be Hot Dogs

Found My Husband Like This Getting Our One Year Old To Bed

Asked My Sweet Husband To Pick The Soap Off The Shower Floor. He Thinks He's So Funny

My Husband Decided To Make A Jewelry Box For His Mother For Christmas But Got High Right Before Drawing The Initial Design. I Pulled This Out Of The Recycling The Next Day

My Husband Travels For Work. He Gave Me This So I Am Never Really Alone





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