Freshly Installed But Unmarked Speed Bump In Jersey City Does Some Damage To Cars (VIDEO)

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Bongfuhrer 5 year s ago
It's clearly a reason why they made this speed bump there. Look at the speed that schoolbus got over the bump.
And if the drivers are too blind to see that bump, they deserve to wreack their cars.

In Norway we had unmarked bumpers for ages (only the last few years they starded to paint them white) and the only drivers that had problems with them were blind careless drivers like those in the video..
macskajancsi 5 year s ago
Because you are used to it.
Where people are not used to it, this is simply called intentional endangerment.
Like in Hungary. They paint (or should) them, but sometimes they simply forget to do that, and not every placement of them is at a really good spot at all, so cases like this happens sometimes.
And no, I am not blaming the drivers.

"Look at the speed that schoolbus got over the bump."
Yeah, like 40-50km/h. Wow, outstanding.

The general driving knowledge, experience and morale are the major factors for safe traffic, not the law-enforced car destroying.
Bongfuhrer 5 year s ago
I don't know about you. But I learned that when driving I should always expect the unexpected, like kids or animals running onto the road, broken down vehicles around the bend, holes and bumps in the road and such.

So the way I see it, these drivers are not paying attention to the road and it's hazards at all when they can't spot this speed bump..
macskajancsi 5 year s ago
That's the same to me. Always trying to expect the unexpectable.
But my vision is limiting me, no matter how hard I try.

But animals or children are different, they do not look like almost exactly the asphalt, and they are probably moving.
I think it is totally different to spot the sneaky bumpers than the ones you mentioned.

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